Big Brother Canada Results: Instant Eviction – Who Went Home Tonight?

Tonight is a special Big Brother Canada episode with a surprise Instant Eviction show. The Feeds have been down since early Saturday so we’re anxious to discover who may have been sent to Jury and which HG could be the new HoH.

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

In anticipation of a wild & crazy Big Brother show we’ll post any results throughout the show. We’ll be updating this post here with the live broadcast (the show isn’t live) and the official results come in so stick with us tonight starting at 9PM ET.

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Arisa wakes up Neda in the War Room and tells her it’s a special Instant Eviction event. Of course that completely changes her noms plans so instead of Sabrina and Rachelle she’s trying to decide if she should put up Allison with one of the Gremlins. What junk. They should have made it a secret until Neda’s noms were in.

Who Was Nominated – Big Brother Canada 2 Week 8:

  • Allison
  • Sabrina

Well that’s probably the end of Allison. Neda is working hard to burn her bridges ahead of any Jury votes. What a plan she’s got there…

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Rachelle votes to evict Allison
  • Heather votes to evict Allison
  • Adel votes to evict Allison
  • That’s it. Allison has been evicted.
  • Jon votes to evict Allison

By a vote of 4-0, Allison has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Gee, Allison, maybe you shouldn’t have helped the people that voted you out by voting out their target, Arlie. Bad game moves turn after turn.

Who Won Head of Household tonight – ‘The Eyes Have It’:

Players have to solve riddles and piece together a puzzle based on clues.

  • Adel wins HoH!

Oh my goodness. Adel’s strategy was to just guess at the puzzle because he doesn’t like to read. *smh*

Adel tells the Gremlins they’re going up on the block. Sabrina starts saying how much she regrets not saving Arlie. Yep, you bunch of dummies, you did Jeda’s dirty work for them.

Adel gets his HoH room and we see Sabrina and Rachelle show up. Jon says in the DR that it surprised him and shows their character. Hah! The HGs are required to go to the new HoH’s room until the letter is read. Probably for production to get footage. Heather revealed this on the Feeds weeks ago. She’s thoroughly reviewed that book of rules!

Adel says he’s ready to “crush the Gremlins.” Yes, those very threatening players, gotta get them. Ah well, Adel. Oh my, Adel thinks he has to be a dick to the nominees during this ceremony. He leaves Rachelle in tears at the end after yelling at them, but at least it also makes Sabrina cry for keeping Adel over Arlie. Yep, that was dumb.

Who Was Nominated – Big Brother Canada 2 Week 8.5:

  • Rachelle
  • Sabrina

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother Canada? Are you excited with what went down and who left for Jury?


  1. It would be nice if production would quit screwing around and interfering with the game and just let things happen naturally…instead of f$^king around with it and trying to boost ratings.

        • Yeah, but that’s an assumption. we don’t have any proof (it seemed like she wanted to use it, just to use it) so I wouldn’t think it’s fair to assume production pushed her as if they did I’d think they’d push her to use it on Arlie, not Sabrina.

          • Oh totally. It did seem like Allison was not planning to use it, but then she did so I was surprised. Especially since she didn’t end up doing anything w/ the move she took to save Sabrina and get another HG up there. If she had used it and then gone after Adel, but she kept her target on Arlie who was already up there. It made no sense. It sure looked forced of her and it just hurt her game, but yes it’s just an assumption to say DR forced her.

          • I agree, completely. I thought she was going to turn it around and do what was better for her game, keep Arlie but apparently, every vote in this house is unanimous.

          • I really think BBCAN throw her to the slaughter day one. always threatened her with instant eviction. And they didn’t give her a chance at Veto either. Does production realize we the general public seeking to be on thier show are truly trying to win a land fall of money that would seriously help any individual? Having “twists” though cool, shouldn’t jeopardize someones chance at making a better start for themselves

          • But that’s what they got themselves into. They know there will be twists that will completely jeopardize their chances. It is a game, after all.

          • The “twists” make the game rules meaningless. How can a game be played fairly when they make it up as they go along… this season, the twist to make Canada HOH, ended up completely flipping the power in the house and ultimately changed the course of the game. I hate big twists, they wreck the game. Small twists, or voter influence, should be limited to small reward tasks, havenot food choices, costume punishments etc. I could go on and on…. (i know it s only a game)

  2. What was with Adel???? He totally acted completely psycho. His best move would’ve been to be the bigger person and be nice but he decided to be a jerk… wow. Not impressed!

    • Me neither. I hate to bring his ethnicity in this, but I have to wonder. He was talking peace earlier, but what is he really thinking in real life about women.

      • I have to say that that’s unfair. He respects women in general, as we can tell. Sabrina and Rachelle have been disgusting to him the entire time, especially behind his back with snide comments. I still think it was a bit harsh but it’s Sabrina and Rachelle, they just don’t say things to his face. He decided to do just that.

        • Just wondering and raising the question. How do we really know how he is outside the house. Hopefully, it’s not the case at all. I’m just puzzle by his weird attack on the Gremlins.

          • I honestly don’t think it was that weird, I mean I thought he’d take the high road (as he’s been doing) but the Gremlins have been saying bad things about him since the beginning. He’s just the type of person who cannot put his emotions aside, I find it justifiable. Just a bit of a shock.

          • Not everyone is going to love everyone and that’s why things go down as they go, it’s life. Sucks because there’s no point in being mean but it’s how it goes 🙁

      • Yes, I know. This was my initial reaction but after a minute or so I realized how horrible Sabrina and Rachelle (Sabrina mostly) is and has been since the very beginning.

  3. Lost all respect for Adel. Why say Sabrina is against religion? I understand that they lie to each other when they form alliances but why say something not true that is hurtful? Shame on you. Don’t see that type of strategy helping your game in the end.

    • There was actually a little rift of religion at the very beginning between Adel and Kyle vs Andrew and Sabrina. So it did actually happen, I guess he just tried to make it seem bigger than it was.

  4. Worst season of any big brother i have ever seen. this cast is really discussing. They never gave Ally a chance with always treatening to instant evict her. Production got there wish yet again. I thought Adel was a decent person. Just goes to show that even that guy is a Jerk like everyone else. Can someone please explain to me why Canada voted 1st 5 members in the first place? They were the only ones playing the game. And the Sloppy 2nd’s have proved to be just as bad of people if not worse! I sure hope BBUS is better this time round. I am seriously losing what faith in this show i had before.

    • Because a dominant alliance could sometimes stagnates the game, especially during the first three weeks, with not much movement among the players, including those outside the alliance.

      And it also did not helped matters that Andrew and Sabrina did not register well with the audience, especially the feeders who may have provided the largest share of votes to put them up for eviction during Canada’s HOH week.

      The remnants of the First Five could have stayed on longer had they not fail on winning pivotal HOH’s and POV competitions in the weeks that followed.

    • They should have broadcast the five minutes of Neda’s decision making to the houseguests, like they did with Ika and other past houseguests who were left alone to make decisions. Seems like they game Neda a special favour there ! I’m starting to think Neda is productions favorite now.

    • Ughh I’m tired of everyone like you complaining. Every season of Big Brother that comes on is the “worst season”.

  5. Sorry to say this, but most of u don’t even know what ur talking about. Adel said what he did cuz he really wants Sabrina out! So he said lies about her so he can try and twist the house around to vote out Sabrina first instead of the “20 yr old twit”. Adel isn’t the brightest person in the house, but u’ve seen how Neda lied about Allison on the last eviction. Anyways it’s all a game guys and Adel obviously knows what’s up….only talk ish if ur in the game urself.
    J Tugs OUT!

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