Big Brother Canada Premiere Live Recap

Big Brother Canada

Oh boy, here we go! It’s Big Brother Canada time as the premiere night hits and we’re ready to enjoy the 15 new Houseguests as they compete for $100,000 over 75 days under our constant surveillance. “Big Brother is watching!”

Host Arisa Cox arrives and excites the audience by reminding them that after fourteen seasons of following the fun to their south it’s their turn to host their own Big Brother.

Before we get to meet the HGs we get a quick tour of the house. Oh cool, they’ve got a “Have-Not” room styled like a seedy hotel while the HoH gets their own fancy room.

Ahh, here are the HGs. Sure enough they get cheesy “oh, I found this key and am so surprised!” segments for each of them. Lots of fun personalities. Can’t wait to see how they meld and how we begin to love or hate them. What’s cool here is that we get a lot of “I’m a huge Big Brother fan!” HGs so that should be awesome.

Deviating from the US version the HGs meet each other for the first time in front of a live studio audience. This is nice. I wish we could get that for the US version, but I guess leaks like this are why they don’t do that! The HGs go inside the house in groups of five at a time before all fifteen are there.

Ahh yes, we get our first drop of the phrase “Expect the Unexpected” and it comes in the reveal of the first surprise of the season. There’s a red phone in the house and Arisa reveals that when it rings Big Brother will be on the other side with a mission for who ever answers it. If the HG completes the secret mission then they’ll be rewarded but if they fail the HG can expect a big punishment.

Big Brother Canada - Episode 01

Arisa announces to us, not the HGs, that we’re about to get the first twist. The phone begins to ring and Suzette answers. She’s instructed to go straight to the Diary Room, tell no one, and bring no one with her. The line goes silent and her mission is on. Suzette immediately tells everyone there was no one on the line (a lie) but after a few mins heads to the DR.

In the DR, Big Brother reveals to Suzette that she is the first HoH since she answered the phone. She has one hour to decide who to nominate but can tell no one. If she fails then she’ll face the wraith of BB! Lots of questions await her return, but for now she needs to focus on who she’ll nominate for eviction.

Meanwhile, Arisa gathers everyone in the living room. Oh snap, Arisa spills the beans on Suzette’s secret mission. She’s been out’d as the first HoH and has been plotting nominations. Now it’s time for those nominations.

Suzette nominates Emmett and Tom for eviction!

Arisa informs the viewers that yes, there is a Power of Veto up for grabs and we’re about to find out more about that. Maybe Emmett and Tom will both end up safe from Thursday night’s eviction.

Time for the Veto competition. Only six HGs will compete. The two nominees, the HoH, and three selected HGs using the bag of ping pong balls. They have to pop balloons to find puzzle pieces but can only use their thrusting hips and no hands or they’ll be disqualified.

Big Brother Canada - Episode 01

Tom manages to finish his PoV puzzle first and wins the Veto. Looks like he’ll be safe this week! Now Suzette will have to name a replacement nomination while Tom promises us it’ll get really ugly in there now that he’ll be safe from eviction this time around.

Now that the Big Brother Canada premiere is over the Live Feeds are set to turn on so get ready for even more online or on Slice for After Dark at 2-5AM.

What do you think of Big Brother Canada so far? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and see what other fans are thinking!


  1. wow that was so disappointing! I’ve waited and waited for what? THIS? First of all, the casting was horrible. I found most of the houseguest to be as interesting as a toothpick. No interesting twists. I don’t get the point of the whole ‘mysterious phone’ thing. It was so stupid. What a waste of time. BORING. I’m Canadian and this sucks but I think I’m gonna stick to my Julie Chen

    • I agree the casting is extremely poor, they all are similar ages, and seem to be all air heads with little to no personality’s.. (speaking of Julie Chen, she is the worst part of BB US)… why so many gays or effeminate guys ???? it’s hard to watch these idiots

  2. I got to agree with the rest, what the heck was that? It wasn’t even live. I felt like this “live debut” was a stunt. One minute they’re getting to know each other, the next they’re in their purple suits doing a humping contest.

    I hope, and pray for Big Brother fans alike that they make some serious changes. If the biggest twist in the house that is supposed to hook me into watching for 10 weeks is a miraculous red phone that had to be demonstrated on live television with the most pathetic ring tone of life…. we have a problem.

  3. what are you people talking about, that was a great premiere, it was like a mixture of UK and USA Big Brother, taking the best parts of each and adding in new things.

    you can’t judge the casting, you’ve only seen like 43 minutes of HG’s.

  4. Love this Big Brother!! I’m a huge BBUK fan and I’m seeing alot of it in BB Canada…It does have a mix of both US and UK, which makes it perfect! This is, by far, the best BB YET! And having the feeds for free? Heck yeah! Can’t beat that!

  5. Hmm, it’s too early for me to say I for sure love/hate any HG, but Tom has been rubbing me the wrong way so far. He seems to be shaping up to be that one HG who has to take everything super personally. Definitely not a desirable personality trait in my opinion!

    • Good point. It wasn’t really a real race too, just who happened to answer the phone. A bit anticlimatic…

  6. Over all I thought it was pretty good. I like Arisa and the house guests. I do think they tried to pack to much into the first hour though. hopefully that will change. The live feeds were pretty amusing too.

  7. So far this big brother was pretty awesome. It reminded me of Big Brother Australia (with the audience set up/ secret tasks) which when relaunched last summer was probably the version of BB I enjoyed most even over the US and UK versions. Basically I have high hopes as a Canadian for BB Canada.

  8. Sadly I think this Canadian version is terrible compared to the US version. I was hoping it woud be good.

  9. I don’t know if it’s just me, or is this show really boring now? The lumberjack competition was some low budget special effects! The fake grass was SO bad..why wasnt it more fun by adding wind, rain, snow on them instead of watching them holding on to trees? And I thought it was cheating when Gary tied his shirt around the tree to hold him up..anyone else think that?

  10. Too bad this show isn’t on Global TV permanently – it would mean more exposure. I don’t get Slice over-the-air and I’m too cheap for cable. With all this hype, BBCan has to perform better than everything else – a tall order. Wish them luck!

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