Big Brother Canada House Tour – Video

Big Brother Canada house

The Big Brother Canada house has been revealed! ET Canada took the tour last night and we’ve got the video to share. Thankfully Yahoo made the video available in the US while Slice still has it blocked on their site. It’s going to be a long season of that for the US viewers, but we’ll do our best to work around it.

Watching the video tour (check it out below) reminds me a lot of the Big Brother US house but since it’s brand new there are some awesome design features that I’m really enjoying. I’m guessing the new Big Brother cast is going to be pretty excited too.

There are 64 cameras and 50 microphones throughout the BBCA house and these cameras look a good bit less bulky than what we’re using to seeing out in Burbank. I especially like the camera on the vertical rail. Snazzy.

One huge mistake I saw in this house design was the bedroom. Yes, singular. There are seven beds in one room with no divides. So say goodbye to all the backroom whispering as people drop in and out. No chance of cliques forming based on living quarters and so forth. Very disappointed in that, but maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

Oh, and for the perv-cam enthusiasts, there are two well light showers with frosted glass across the middle of the doors. You can hope for some tall ladies or really short guys, depending on your preference.

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts on the new Big Brother house.


  1. I am not a lover of the house ..should have been more bathrooms for all those people ..bedrooms are not private enough to many beds on top of each other thats stupid ..and where is the head of household bedroom wow need to tweek this house alot of mistakes already ..back yard is kinda busy to busy almost ..anyways thats my take ..wishing the house quest from the maritimes good luck I’ll be watching ..

    • The HOH bedroom is either the room adjacent to the bathroom right in front of the entrance to the bedroom or the room up the other staircase.

  2. I am not loving this house, I expected more I guess.. Lets face it, who wants to “pretend to be outside?” It may be cold way up here in the north (note sarcastic tone) but fresh air is something everyone wants and needs. Who wants to have a bikini fit body to lounge around tanning under lights? The bedroom idea comes from the original BB I get that but still, its weird.

  3. Great house for a first season, don’t expect them to go all out in a premiere season, so I find this house great, plus it actually looks like a house…

  4. I disagree with the no conniving and backstabbing because there’s only one bedroom. In BBUK, they too only have one bedroom but a lot of those happened inside the house.

  5. This is a great house, alot like the UKBB house which is a really popular much more fun and interesting than the US one.

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