Big Brother Canada Host Revealed: Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox

Say hello to your new host, Big Brother Canada fans. Arisa Cox has been crowned the queen of BBCA and counterpart to Julie Chen on BBUS.

Slice sat down with Arisa for her first interview as the new host, but you’ll need to be north of the border to watch it on their site.

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As far as her background, Arisa’s resume is long on the experience:

Arisa is no stranger to either side of the camera. She’s an entertainment host, producer, pop culture commentator, journalist, actor, writer and she even starred in the Disney hit Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam!

With more than a decade’s worth of experience, you can expect her to pull out those expert red carpet interviewing skills to get you all the dirt from within the Big Brother Canada house.

I’m glad they mentioned her “Camp Rock 2” movie by name. Gotta be sure to capture all the crossover market for Disney teeny-bopper movies and the Big Brother house.

Check out this super quick clip with Slice promising this will be “the coolest season ever!” Well, yes, I guess as the first season it’ll be the -est of a lot of things.