Big Brother Canada House Location Revealed

Big Brother Canada house location

We’ve seen the inside of the new Big Brother Canada house, but now we know even more. Thanks to an anonymous tipster we’ve pinpointed the location of the BBCA set and are sure where the new cast of Canadian hamsters are about to be tucked away.

Hidden in plain sight is a large office building that’s been gutted and retrofitted to hold the fifteen new houseguests all through this debut season of Big Brother. Want to see it yourself? You’ll have to head over to 5101 Orbitor Drive, Mississauga, ON L4W, Canada

Since the “backyard” had to be constructed entirely indoors and use a sophisticated light system to help trick the hamsters in to thinking there’s a day and night ecosystem it was tricky to confirm this as the right spot. Usually a big backyard in the satellite image takes care of that, but this time we had to go on a good ol’ fashioned investigation to confirm.

Thanks to the awesome reader for sending over these Big Brother Canada details!


  1. It going to flop your filming it out west Ontario is Canada’s main province and most of the guest are from out west.You never picked one good looking Canadian so your making it look like Canada has ugly people.

    • wow, i thought jillian,talla and the other girls were beautiful, andrew, emmit and tom very good looking just need some older people too in there, adds a lot to the show

  2. The hot tub area is actually outdoors…the houseguests smoke out there and its been raining and snowing while they’ve been out there…I work is Mississauga & Im tempted to check it out

  3. please show the 1st hoh comp on live feeds, endurance please. it is something we all look forward to every year. a fan favorite

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