Big Brother Canada Hints At Hidden Veto Special Power

Hidden Power of Veto
Hidden Power of Veto – Source: Slice

Update: We have a lot of answers. The Hidden PoV is red (for whatever reason). It can last only 3 rounds. The Veto can be used after the regular Veto. If Allison tells anyone she is instantly evicted. That’s all we got.

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we’ll find out lots more about the latest twist with the Hidden Power of Veto, but before we get there production is teasing us with an interesting question that could really be a hint:

Now the regular Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada is clear and the BBUS version is golden while other variants have included a “Diamond PoV.” So what could we be dealing with here? Is there another version from last season that I’m forgetting? Otherwise I get the feeling BB is hinting at another Diamond Power of Veto here.

If this is a DPoV then its holder, get those spoilers here, will have the option to swap out a nominee for one of his/her choosing. That could be HUGE for Big Brother Canada and something we’re going to look forward to seeing play out.

Check it on tonight’s episode to find out what happens when all the details are revealed about this new Power of Veto. In the meantime, what do you think this secret power will hold? Share your thoughts below!


  1. This season has been having way to many twists, and too many of those twists now seem to be overlapping. Now we’re possibly getting a special Veto AND a double eviction in one week. I’m all for “Expect the Unexpected” but this is getting even to confusing for us to follow.

    • That’s how it felt last season too. It was a season of twists with a little Big Brother on the side. They seem to have so many great ideas, but don’t know how to boil them down to just a few and instead try to cram all of them in to an already short season.

      • Agreed. It begins to interfere with players’ ability to actually play the game and succeed strategically. I’m no fan of that bald guy who got evicted (OMG, I’ve already forgotten his name), but Canada as HOH took him out in a situation that was completely beyond his control. Whether it had been him or Sabrina evicted, it was a game move that came from outside, could not have been anticipated in strategy, and was clearly designed to simply take someone out. I would much rather watch people play and be allowed to win or fail based on how they play the game, rather than based on luck of the draw in twists.

        • totally agree with you…i did not agree with the show on making us hoh…this is simply not fair game….the backstabbing, lies and so on needs to happen in the house….in reality the first five had all the right game move…i guess it was too perfect so big brother got involve….wrong…

          • i think if most viewers / voters knew how there votes would destroy the F5 alliance they wouldn’t have voted the same way.

      • I actually like for there to be a lot of twists. Just not ones that involve the fans to the extent they feel like an extra HG. Voting for who goes on the block is not something i’ve ever liked. That should be strictly done by the HGs. Nor should fans decide who gets special powers or vetos (Adel). If any DPOVs or luxuries are given they should have to compete or hunt for them. Thereby everyone has an equal chance. Throw in a bunch of twists and turns but leave the audience to do what they do best – gripe about the hgs and love or hate the strategies presented.

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