Big Brother Canada HGs Continue To Debate Tom Vs. Liza Eviction

Liza & Tom on Big Brother Canada

Divisions in the Big Brother house continue to pit one side against the other as the first of two evictions is soon to arrive. Neither group seems to be quite sure what’s going to happen when the votes are revealed thanks to a few floaters in the game.

Late last night conversations between the HGs revealed uncertainty in the votes coming from Suzette and Talla. Gary wasn’t sure where Suzette would land, but I’d be surprised to see her go against Gary, one of her few allies in the game right now. As for Talla, that seems like a much more flexible vote.

It could all come down to just one vote like Talla’s since there will be only nine votes and no chance of a tiebreaker by Gary, the current HoH.

Alec, Topaz, Suzette, and Peter appear to be ready to vote to keep Liza and evict Tom. Meanwhile we’ve got Emmett, Jillian, Andrew, and AJ in Tom’s corner. That leaves Talla with all the power to decide.

Of course if word gets out how Talla is planning to vote and the other side realizes Tom is staying no matter how they vote we may get a shift in votes to avoid being caught supporting the losing HG. I don’t think any of them particularly want to be staying in that house with Tom when he knows the tried to vote him out.

We’ll have those Big Brother Canada eviction results later tonight when we live blog the show. Be sure to join us then for the big Double Eviction fun.


    • I hope it is Liza gone on the second eviction if Tom gets evicted. Between Liza and her playing him for information and being so oblivious to her and her game play, and his own out of control emotions, plus what he did to Alec, he shot himself in the foot. Emmett had to look after himself because of Tom. So I do hope Liza goes at some point tonight. We will know soon enough.

  1. Toms going the house is just talking drama. AJ and Andrew will vote to evict Tom regaurdless of what they say. Jillian likely votes with the majority. 8-1 or 9-0 to evict Tome. The talk is just a smoke screen.
    Emmit and Jillian go up if neither wins HOH. Gary wants emmit out next secretly but won’t get the blood on his hands. Gary is the true snake in the house.
    Tom and Emmit get evicted tonight. My best guess is 9-0 to evict Tom and 8-0 to evict Emmit. Sadly these guys trusted Alec and Peter. By the end of todays show both will sadly realize they got played by backstabbing trash. Emmit agreeing to let Gary get rid of Tom was fatal to his game. Tom not able to control his emotions sunk his game early.
    HOH after the second eviction tonight will be Gary again. We’ll get to watch another week of a 2 faced backstabbing liar run the house like a dictator….. I cannot wait πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  2. Oh my God noo!! So Tom is staying? This is just a frikin nightmare. Now he’s gonna go after Alec, Peter, Topaz and Gary. WOW this sucks. And on a side note, Alec is just ridculously hot.

  3. It be way smarter for everyone except Peter to keep Tom everyone hates him and wants him out so why not keep him so that their always be a target and he be a shield for everyone when they don’t win hoh. It’s too early to evict a big target with so many people still left.

    • .”i cannot stand how arrogant that guy is.the way he behaves in the house is very rude and obnoxious.”
      You obviously meant Gary. I apologize on your behalf for writing down the wrong name. Gary has 4 leters just like LIAR. Tom has 3, must have been an oversight on your part.

    • i doubt so, because he won’t be allowed to compete in the HOH competion, he has to host it. So there is no way of him being HOH two weeks in a row.

  4. Tom will go home and with the Dbl eviction, I bet they will vote out gary against Liza, that’s if Liza isn’t safe from eviction from the first round. Then they will put AJ up cuz there’s no backlash if u put him up lol. I just can’t see anyone putting up Talla lol. She will probably win. No one has ever considered her a threat.


  6. I’m not sure how valid the efforts of Andrew and AJ were to keep Tom. that may only have been based on the original plan to get out Liza. I never saw them talk to Emmett about going against Gary. And after the incident with Alec I believe Tom sealed his fate. Feeds seemed to go down early when this was all supposed to take place. maybe production doesn’t like people knowing that all the vote are going to be landsides.

    I applaud Emmett for keeping his promise to Tom even when he knew Tom was gone and did not deserve being saved. As for a “BIG” move, I now don’t believe this was since the vote was 9-1. But still is a game changer because of the two who are now out.

    Will the show be boring now? I don’t know but Emmett will have to work harder. Not sure if Alec and Peter can be trusted. Not sure if there ever was an alliance between Emmett and Gary. (or are they playing the game the way I would and running both side against each other?)

    Is there an endurance comp for HOH and that is the reason the feeds are still down?

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