Big Brother Canada: Double Eviction Episode Tonight – Predictions

Peter and Alec - Big Brother Canada

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada should be wildly entertaining as we’re preparing for not one, but two evictions and the HGs don’t even see it coming.

Last night’s Veto episode confirmed the double elimination would be part of Thursday’s “live” show, but that also means there’s a good chance spoilers will leak out since those shows are taped hours before broadcast.

Right now we’re still expecting Alec to be sent packing off to the Jury House, but he won’t travel there alone. Someone else will follow him by the end of the night.

It’s difficult to predict an elimination when you don’t even know who is on the block or who will be making those decisions but we can still look at some indicators. Topaz will be an easy pick that won’t upset the house when it comes to needing a fast decision for elimination. Unless Topaz wins HoH I would anticipate her elimination.

That still leaves one empty seat on the block. I’d guess either Peter or Talla would fill that vacancy. Talla would be used as a pawn since we’ve already heard Jillian and Emmett preparing for such a move if a twist hits tonight. Peter would be an obvious choice since he’s freshly off the block and sending him back would be easier for the rest of the house that’s banded together.

Who do you think will be voted out of the Big Brother Canada house tonight on Slice when the show airs at 10PM ET/PT?


      • Let’s hope Peter wins HOH and swings big. That will keep the game interesting. Now the question is, assuming they would both stay on the block, would Jillian or Emmett go home. I would kind of think Emmett would, and then Peter will maybe get his wish of going to the end with Jillian

  1. I am predicting a crazy twist. Something tells me Alec (who will be eliminated )- may get to choose who he would take with him to the Jury house!! In that case, it would be Emmett….leaving the house in one very sticky situation. lol

    • No way. Alec is not going to get to pick who leaves the house with him. Production may well be getting up to some crazy shenanigans, but if they are trying to control the game (as many seem to think), why would they let an out going player make a huge casting decision like that? Not a chance.

  2. personally i think the shield would of stayed safe if peter used his POV on Alec. now i know this sounds crazy, but stick with me here..
    Peter uses his POV on Alec and he is now safe for another week, without hesitation Jillian would toss Topaz on the block because, well just because.. no one likes topaz. she should of been gone last week instead of gary.

    NOW we have PETER and TOPAZ on the block in a surprising twist. I beleive (but i could be wrong) in a show down between peter and topaz, topaz would of been evicted fom the house.

    thus the shield stays strong **cross arms**

  3. I think they should put either Julliance or Emmett out because since they been in the house there wasn’t any drama except love drama between dem! Relationship have to hav fighting,fun part and game right? If one of dem out I wanna see how they can Handel without each other!

  4. I wish the show would stay out of the game. All of its “changes” to the game adversely effects the players` games. Those making these “decisions” remind me of Donald Trump
    … You already have made your decision as to who will win. Really takes from the game. 🙁

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