Big Brother Canada
Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

Big Brother Canada 6 premieres on Global TV starting Wednesday, March 7 with 16 new Houseguests this season including two viewer-voted picks set to kick off the return of the series after last year’s cancellation and subsequent renewal.

Big Brother Canada 6 Cast:

Houseguests this season include all new faces with a little twist on who gets in the game. There are fourteen set players while viewers have the chance to vote in two more from a set of four options. This part also looks to be part of the season’s theme of good vs evil. Hopefully we get more on that later.

Big Brother Canada 6 House:

Still no look at the BBCAN house for this season but hopefully we’ll have pictures soon to share.

Big Brother Canada 6 Spoilers:

We’ll have all the spoilers from the Feeds throughout the week with details on who won HoH, who was nominated, and how the Power of Veto played out. You can always check out our Big Brother Canada spoilers page for a quick glance update on the latest.

Big Brother Canada 6 Schedule:

The BBCAN6 schedule is going to be a little different this time around. New episodes air Mondays 9/8c, Wednesdays 7/6c, and Thursdays 8/7c. So three nights a week and all three are a different time each night. Most importantly, those Wednesday episodes are going to air early at 7PM ET/PT.

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