Big Brother Canada 6 Cast

Big Brother Canada 6 cast

The Big Brother Canada 6 cast has been announced as the Houseguests are ready to head inside and return the series to GlobalTV! The new season kicks off Wednesday, March 7th at 7/6c before Survivor so get ready for the series return!

Thankfully this year we’re getting all new Houseguests after last year’s situation that mixed newbies and vets, my least favorite cast arrangement, and given what nearly happened with the series’ demise I’m glad they didn’t bother trying that again.

Along with the current list of 14 HGs, there are 2 more spots with 4 options for viewers to vote and send in either “good” or “bad” additions to their mix. We’ll have to see how those results turn out, but for now here is your Big Brother Canada cast for 2018

Big Brother Canada 6 Houseguests:

Andrew Miller
Age: 36
Hometown: Toronto
Occupation: Small business owner

Alejandra ‘Ali’ Martinez
Age: 30
Hometown: Vancouver
Occupation: Personal trainer

Derek Kesseler
Age: 27
Hometown: Beaumont, Alb.
Occupation: Clothing brand owner & server/bartender

Erica Hill
Age: 23
Hometown: Pickering, Ont.
Occupation: Server

Hamza Hatoum
Age: 27
Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ont.
Occupation: Soccer coach

Jesse Larson
Age: 24
Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
Occupation: Sales executive

Johnny Mulder
Age: 28
Hometown: Victoria
Occupation: “House Husband”

Kaela Grant
Age: 25
Hometown: Saint John, NB
Occupation: Wine ambassador

Maddy Poplett
Age: 25
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Occupation: Bartender

Olivia Riemer
Age: 21
Hometown: Guelph, Ont.
Occupation: Student

Paras Atashnak
Age: 23
Hometown: Vancouver
Occupation: Student

Rozina Yaqub
Age: 49
Hometown: Toronto
Occupation: Religious educator

Ryan Ballantine
Age: 39
Hometown: Calgary
Occupation: Fire safety technician and department manager

William Kenny
Age: 25
Hometown: Trepassey, Nfld.
Occupation: Oil field technician

There are also four more potential cast members, but only two are going to make the cut based on your votes. These extra two players will join the game late so that’s going to be an obvious disadvantage if the originals want to stick together. Merron, Mikey, Veronica, and Kirsten are all vying for your votes at!