Big Brother Canada 6: House Tour Video & Photos

Big Brother Canada 6 house

Big Brother Canada 6 premieres this Wednesday night, March 7th on GlobalTV and we’re now getting our first look inside this gorgeously redesigned home for the upcoming BBCAN6 cast of Houseguests!

Everything is set in a heaven and hell theme with the upstairs offering light and bright with clouds and a huge set of awesome wings over the HOH door (hope no one is too tall!). Then back downstairs there is a hotter theme with lots of flames.

Check out the photo gallery below and then watch host Arisa Cox’s tour through the new home for this season. It’ll be here soon and we can’t wait to watch what happens next!

Gallery: Big Brother Canada 6 House

Which space do you like the best? And what’s going on in the green good mausoleum room? That’s the Have-Not room! My goodness. Where exactly are they sleeping in there? Good luck with that, HGs.

Video: BBCAN6 House Tour

Source: GlobalTV