Big Brother Canada 5: Veto Plans Go Back & Forth In Week 2

Since Saturday night the plan looked set for this week’s BBCAN5 Power of Veto meeting but now after a last minute decision this morning we may get a surprise.

Demetres, Ika, & Neda plan their next move

We’re expecting the Veto Ceremony results soon and they may come really early as the Feeds have already gone down but before that happened we saw a few surprise discussions and new promises made.

Dillon won the Veto this weekend and since he’s on the Block we know he’ll be using it to come down. That would leave Emily on the Block with an empty spot beside her. As of last night the plan was to get Dallas up and out in a bid to weaken Dillon’s position in the house.

Demetres spoke with Bruno this morning and decided that Dallas had been successfully removed from Dillon’s side. With that ally gone Demetres thought it might work better to keep Dallas safe and put up a pawn to make sure Emily was evicted. His plan there was to isolate Dillon for next week on Big Brother Canada.

Demetres went to Dallas to promise him safety after all, a big surprise since Dallas had been preparing since Saturday to go up on the Block. He explained that instead of Dallas going up the new renom plan was Jackie and then to make sure the votes went against Emily.

After sharing his new plan around the house Demetres went to let Ika and Neda know. Hmm, they didn’t agree. Neda was quick to push back and tell him to stick with Dallas as the target. Demetres was clearly flustered and didn’t know what to do but as the HGs were called to the HoH room he seemed to be listening more to the ladies and their suggestion to stick with the original plan.

Feeds are down at the moment so we’ll probably soon find out what Demetres decided unless this was just another plumbing issue like last night. Either way we’ll know by the end of the day what Demetres has decided to do with his renom since Dillon will definitely use the Veto and someone will have to be the renom.

What do you think Demetres should do with his choice?

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  1. Thoughts:
    – Dillon vs Demetres…. while its dumb on Demetres’ part I can atleast have some use for this popcorn *starts munching*
    – Love Neda but she gets a free pass for a lot of thing. I hope it doesn’t bite her.
    – Dallas, while I’m still preferring Bruno, isn’t a bad plan for Neda and Ika. Knocking out a vet can have its perks
    – As far as the vets I like Jackie and William. Jackie because she reminds me of Heather and William because I get a Mitch vibe from the dude.

  2. Demetres needs to start thinking for himself. Flip flopping around, guess he’ll do whatever the last person he talks to tells him to do

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