Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for BBCAN5’s Veto competition this week after a quick evening competition. Now we’ve got noms and PoV results ready to go for the meeting to decide Week 6’s final noms.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

The house divide between Newbs and Vets was growing stronger this week as the newbies continue to build their numbers over the Vets but would this week let them keep the momentum? Time to see where the Veto would play out in the target.

Feeds returned to HGs gathered in the hot tub area as they waited for Big Brother to release them back in to the house. There were talks of balls and bouncing and a giant calculator was even mentioned. No idea. We’ll have to wait and see on Wednesday’s episode.

But on to the important matter: who won Veto this week?? With Dillon as the new HoH he went with Jackie and Demetres on the Block but there were plenty of options for a renom. Sure enough, it looks like it’ll come to that.

Power of Veto Results: Week 6

Demetres won the Veto.

Demetres is sure to use the PoV on himself and that’ll force a renom. While Dillon had mentioned to Karen that he’d renom Kevin it seems like the talk is now for Sindy to go up and out. If that happens well then, she might regret having gone after Neda last round. Or maybe not.

We’ll get the Veto Ceremony on Monday so we’ll watch for talks leading up to that and see who looks to be this week’s main target.

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    • he’s not putting up Kevin or Bruno because they made a deal in the HOH comp but he is probably putting Sindy up because Demetres and Ika worked last night on pulling him to their side

      • I’m reading that Dillon told Sindy that he’s thinking of putting Ika, so he trying to mislead her.

        • he wants to mislead Sindy he told Ika that bruno and sindy want her up and he was telling her a lot of information but her only told sindy that he might put Ika up

  1. How long do we have to wait for someone to make a bold move and put up some worthwhile noms? This is getting frustrating. Sindy did but that most likely wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been under the time pressure and Ida in her face

  2. I wanna see ‘big dogs like Kevin /Bruno on the hot seat. Newbies should start eliminating the Vets…they should all follow Neda in the Jury house. lol

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