Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 6 Nomination Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal this week’s pair of nominations as the latest HoH has made the picks and we head toward the next eviction of the BBCAN5 season.

BBCAN5 Nomination Spoilers

It was a long night for the Houseguests on Thursday as they settled in for a mental endurance HoH competition, but that’s over, they’ve rested, and now they’re ready for some noms. Find out who was put on the Block…

Dillon is calling the shots this week as the new HoH after bargaining his way to the power seat. Nice change of pace for him, I imagine, to be picking noms instead of being one! So here’s what he’s going with for now.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 6 Nominations

  • Demetres
  • Jackie

Lots of directions this could go as Bruno and Kevin want Demetres out but the Newbs are starting to rally around getting the Vets out. Dillon told Karen this evening that he’s considering using Kevin as a renom if either comes down, but maybe that was just saying what he knew she’d want to hear. We’ll have to keep watching and then see what happens with the Veto on Saturday.

What do you think of Dillon’s picks? Do you hope one of these two goes home or should there be another sneaky attack on the Vets? Those Vets are dropping like flies around here!

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