Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Plans

Later today on Big Brother Canada 5 this week’s Veto winner will head into the PoV Ceremony and announce the latest turn in this season’s events.

Ika and Karen on BBCAN5

After Thursday night’s endurance competition a new HoH was set and there’s been plenty of talk to both sides of the house, but now a side will have to be picked, at least for this week.

Dillon took over as HoH and is giving Bruno and Kevin plenty of smiles but it looks like he’s siding more with the Newbies + Ika at this point. Dillon put Demetres and Jackie on the Block but now Demetres has the Veto and that’s going to force Dillon to make a decision.

Dillon has talked with Bruno and nodded his head that he’d go after Ika with this renom but on the other side of the house he’s telling them he’ll be putting up Sindy. And if Sindy goes up then Sindy goes out. Well that should make for a fun Jury House, right?

The Veto Ceremony is later today and we should expect Demetres to obviously save himself then Sindy seems the most likely renom. If the eviction vote was held immediately after that then I think it’d be Sindy out the door, but Thursday is a long ways away.

Who would you renom if you were Dillon? Which side do you think he should take today? Get ready for the spoilers later today from the Feeds and we’ll have the updates for you then.