Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 6 HoH Results

After that wild Double Eviction ride it was time to settle on a new Head of Household and BBCAN5 went with a good ol’ endurance competition!

BBCAN5 Endurance HoH "Buzzkilled"

HGs were lined up waiting at a buzzer station with the goal to be anyone but the last to hit their button. It’s easy to see how this could last all night just as it was promised.

The first round lasted just over an hour and we saw Demetres was the slowest to react to the wild siren signaling it was time to punch in. Lots more cuts to go though before we’d have a winner.

As the night wore on there were temptations to draw the HGs away from the podium and even out of the comp, but they weren’t all bad. One HG secured a week of safety thanks to a hidden card inside the house.

The last set of players in the game were William, Dre, Bruno, and Dillon before the final decision was made.

BBCAN5 Spoilers – The New Head of Household is…

Dillon is the new HoH.

Along with Dillon’s HoH win we saw William find the Safety Card so he’s not going anywhere this week. Seems Dillon also made promises of safety to the other final HGs in the comp (Dre and Bruno). There was cash to be had too. William won $1400, Bruno got $490, and Dre won $110.

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  1. Wonder what a Dillion HoH will look like? My guess he nominates Ika and Demetres to get rid of that duo since they both got rid of Emily

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