Big Brother Canada 5 Schedule Reminder: Sundays Moved To Mondays

If you’re used to watching Big Brother Canada on Sunday nights then it’ll be easy to forget the new schedule for BBCAN5 has shifted its old weekend episode. Tune in to Global tonight and you won’t be watching the Houseguests.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

Instead of the typical Sunday show we’ll be waiting another day to see what happened in the latest BBCAN HoH competition as part of the new schedule with Mondays.

The new BBCAN5 schedule has episodes airing on Global’s schedule Mondays (9/8c), Wednesday (9/8c), and Thursdays (8/9c) for the eviction shows which are again taped in advance this season.

This Monday we’ll get to see the HoH competition and nominations which will set us up for the Power of Veto series of events on Wednesday and then the next eviction is revealed on Thursday. If you can’t wait that long then be sure to check our Big Brother Canada spoilers page for the latest results.

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      • Yea, I was kidding. To be frank with you, I wish BBUS does the same. And you’re right 7PM was too early. It’s dinner time.

      • Captain (my Captain) let me know about this site…I didn’t realize that we could comment. Thanks so much for showing me (and everyone) how to access BB Canada, Matt! Captain has shown me how I can catch up on past seasons, so now I can be an International BB fan. Thanks again. (Sorry to have butted into your convo)

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