Big Brother Canada 5 Cast: Houseguests Revealed

The Big Brother Canada 5 cast has been announced and with it comes familiar faces to the BBCAN franchise as returning players are in the mix for the fifth season premiering next week on Global!

Big Brother Canada 5 cast reveal

Following in the style of past seasons Big Brother Canada rolled out their cast reveal in waves with the first eight of the expected sixteen HGs announced on Wednesday with the rest shared on Thursday. We now have the full list of 16 Houseguests for the Big Brother Canada 5 cast. Check them out below.

Overall it’s another young crowd with everyone but Bruno in the first group being aged 23-25. Wow that’s a really young group. Check them all out below and see what you think of this season’s cast ahead of the March 15th premiere.

Big Brother Canada 5 Cast

Bruno Ielo
Age: 33
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Occupation: Construction Worker
Previous season: BBCAN3

Dre Gwenaelle
Age: 25
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Occupation: Masters Student

Emily Hawkin
Age: 23
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Musician & Server

Gary Levy
Age: 25
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Artist
Previous season: BBCAN1

Kevin Martin
Age: 24
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Occupation: Pro Poker Player
Previous season: BBCAN3

Mark Chrysler
Age: 24
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Occupation: Bartender

Neda Kalantar
Age: 25
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Previous season: BBCAN2

William Laprise Desbiens
Age: 23
Hometown: Trois-Rivieres, QC
Occupation: Student & Blogger

Round 2 of the Houseguests has revealed the second set of returning players along with four more new faces as the two sides of the house are set to face off this season on BBCAN5!

Cassandra Shahinfar
Age: 23
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Occupation: Marketing Manager

Dallas Cormier
Age: 25
Hometown: Saint John, NB
Occupation: Lobster fishermen and welder
Previous season: BBCAN4

Demetres Giannitsos
Age: 25
Hometown: Edson, AB
Occupation: Oil Field Instrument Technician

Dillon Carman
Age: 30
Hometown: Madoc, ON
Occupation: Professional Boxer

Ika Wong
Age: 32
Hometown: Thornhill, ON
Occupation: Financial Services Manager
Previous season: BBCAN2

Jackie McCurrach
Age: 22
Hometown: Port Coquitlam, BC
Occupation: Professional Pizza Maker

Karen Singbeil
Age: 53
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Sindy Nguyen
Age: 27
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Beauty Queen
Previous season: BBCAN3

Don’t forget the season premiere for Big Brother Canada 5 arrives Wednesday, March 15, 2017 so set your DVRs and get ready to join us for another great season!



    • Um… I’ve always wanted to see a newbies vs vets for BBCan and I think BBCan is mature enough for that now? Is newbies vs vets not up to ur standard?

      • It’s only season 5 and too soon in my opinion for return players. I love BB and will watch of course, I’m just not happy with return players. Same with Survivor, it’s return players, some have played twice and three times already – not happy with that either but of course I’ll watch, I love Survivor too.

        • Hi Mary!
          Both shows should prove to be good even with returning players. Although I only like to see new players I think I ‘get’ why they add the returning ones. If they didn’t the rating may be lower. Just IMO
          How have you been? Goo I hope!
          Ok grab the popcorn or your favourite chocolate & bottle of red! Haha! It’s going to be one great season!
          Cheers. ?????

          • As much as I love all the new seasons I also love getting reconnected with all the friends I’ve made here. I am so happy to hear from you Tink, I hope all is hunky-dory with you. I make a lot of noise of how much I don’t like return players but as soon as the shows start I’m over it. I’m loving Survivor and I’ve already seen a preview of BBC 5 and it looks awesome too. Cheers to you as well Tink 🙂

  1. Really excited to see KMart back… I think he is a very smart player and was my winner’s pick on s3.
    Happy to see Bruno as well… he got screwed hard by that Coup de Britnee twist.
    Havent seen BBCan1… but I heard Gary is a drama queen… (PUKE!)
    Neda I’m worried will be targeted early and we won’t see a whole lot of her…

  2. Every time a little bit more information comes out I fall a little bit deeper into the Big Brother Canada scene– and I’m loving every minute of it!
    I wasn’t expecting vets to be back, but I’m quite pleased with the choices they’ve made. Same with the new players, I watched their bios and everyone seems likeable or interesting in their own way.
    Can’t wait for a great new season!

  3. Yess! So far I’m liking the four returning house guests! I loved Kevin and I feel like he’ll finally get to play his hand with out Pilar in the house and I am so excited to see Neda and Bruno there but I feel like Neda might be a target early on which I’m hoping isn’t the case. And OMG yass I have been hoping for the day that Gary would return to the house. He was by far one of the most entertaining house guests of season one. He had me dying with laughter every episode so I can’t wait. I’m excited so far for this season and I’m hoping the second batch of house guests includes Godfrey, Cassandra, and most my disagree with me here but I would really like to see Ika back in there. Of course Neda and her might clash heads since they weren’t the best of friends in their season but hey what’s BB without a bit of drama.

    • Haha yess got two out of the four last returnees right! Can’t wait to see Cassandra and Ika in there. Hope Ika slays this season 😀

  4. So I guess from those first eight we can assume it will be 8 new players and 8 returning players. Love Neda and so happy Kevin toget another chance.


  5. I’m happy to see Neda return.
    She was my favorite. To me she was the Dr Will of Canada in a girl’s body. It would be interesting to see if she can win the game this time. And hopefully not get evicted by her boyfriend(?)

  6. SO excited to see Gary back’ the only thing I’m worried about is that he’ll be targeted early on and I’ll cry if he doesn’t make jury ): almost just as excited to see Cassandra and Sindy, Cassandra is just hilarious and a great game player. Sindy is a competition beast & great strategic player(not to mention entertaining) and deserves a second chance, she didn’t get nearly enough screen time for her big personality. Neda is close behind, obviously she was a great game player and deserved to win hands down over Jon in my opinion( I also loved Jon but she was the better player of the 2 in my opinion). Not a fan of Kevin,loved him at first and he’s nice to look at of course but i feel like he played up to the cameras too much and tried too hard to come off as “cutthroat” because he thought that would gain him favor with Canada. I just never felt like he was really being himself and he made dumb game moves in my opinion. Also not a fan of Ika. I didn’t dislike her there’s just so many more memorable house guests I’d rather see I guess… but her temper tantrum with shredding everyone’s letter gainer her notoriety so I’m guessing that’s why she’s back. I liked Bruno I just hope he works with people I like this time… he was the only person in his original alliance that I liked in season 3. He did kind of get a tough deal on his way out though so I’d say he deserves a second chance. Dallas was boring to me… not sure why he’s back to be honest lol.
    As far as the new players go, I’m completely unsure so far. Kind of rooting for William as I usually like the “sassy gay guy” types and I love his accent. Glad to see someone older with Karen! It’s always more interesting when there’s a couple of older HGs as opposed to just a bunch of 20 somethings. Hopefully she doesn’t get “Risha’d”. The rest I’m still unsure/neutral about but I’m pretty happy with most of the returnees. My only complaint is I would’ve liked to see either Anick, Risha, or Paige return. They all got unfair evictions in my opinion and they were all early favorites for me so I was sad to see them go! Especially Anick and Risha.. I feel like their was so much more to them and they would’ve made great tv. Oh and one last thing… Where’s the blondes!? Lol not one blonde to represent this year but overall i Can’t wait till march 15th :p

    • I would’ve definitely prefer Godfrey over Dallas any day. Idk why Dallas was casted he was pretty blah to me. If they needed another guy from season four they could’ve casted Joel.

  7. Are you serious?!! Neda’s back! She should’ve won season 2. So stoked about her return!
    Also so excited to see Sindy back. She was a force her few weeks in the house. And Ika was SUCH good tv! The Queen Gary’s back. Love him! And Cassandra proved to be a great strategic player. Loving these returnees. Dallas, don’t really care for him. Kevin…eh…but there might be a potential for showmance 2.0 between him and Sindy. Bruno’s a good guy, but I cheered when he was evicted.
    Come on next week. I’m going to be on Survivor and BBCan overload!

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