Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Leaks From BBCAN5 Move-In

Big Brother Canada spoilers are already arriving for BBCAN5 as the new cast of Houseguests (well, new HGs & vet HGs) have moved in and the premiere has been taped. Details are leaking from those in attendance and so far things look great.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

Details came in on Saturday as the Big Brother Canada 5 premiere was taped ahead of Wednesday night’s broadcast (get ready for it at 9PM ET) and included info on the move-in, a photo revealing the front of the house (which is awesome), and how the first HoH competition will allegedly work.

First up is the look of the BBCAN5 FOTH which has a spaceship rocket theme to go along with space odyssey theme of the interior of the house this season. Here’s a shot of the front of the Big Brother house this season. It looks amazing, but after the past four seasons it’s hard to expect anything less!

As for the group entrances, the newbies (only 8 of them this season) went in as two groups of four. Then the vets got their own personal introduction and entrance one at a time. With everyone inside the first HoH comp allegedly involved pairing up a newbie and a vet with the winning pair having to decide which of them would get the crown for the week. Sounds familiar. No spoilers yet on who won.

One other odd item was with the sleeping arrangements as there may only be 14 beds compared to the 16 HGs. Forcing doubling up or could 2 HGs get the boot super quick? We’ll find out on Wednesday’s season premiere!

A full Big Brother Canada 5 house tour should be coming out very soon so keep an eye out for that gallery and we’ll share them with you. What do you think of the FOTH look so far? Pretty cool theme/design so far.