Big Brother Canada 4: Tim, Cassandra, & Joel Plot Next Moves

The eviction plans are set for this week on Big Brother Canada 4 which means it’s time to look ahead and get ready for the next round’s target.

Joel, Cassandra, & Tim share a late night meeting
Joel, Cassandra, & Tim share a late night meeting – Source: Global

Overnight Tim, Cassandra, and Joel caught up by the hot tub for a planning session on their next moves and who should be their next eviction plan. You can scroll back on BBViewer to just before 1AM to hear more of their talk.

All three agreed that they need to target Jared or the brothers for the next players out the door. Their hope is that with Jared gone they’d be able to peel Kelsey off to support their side of the house. They might be able to do that, but they wrongly assume along the way that neither of those targets would consider working together with the brothers going against them. Oops. That’s already been going on behind the scenes.

There’s no more time for discarding opportunities at winning the HoH power and everyone is on board to try and win it this Thursday. If they don’t I think we could easily see a mix of them on the Block whether they know it or not.

As for their other ally, Nikki, all three agree that they need to work on preparing her for a possible instant eviction and making sure she knows how it works and what to do with the Veto should she have the choice. Joel had worriedly asked if Nikki would know the rules enough to use it on herself in the rushed events if she were on the Block. Yikes, let’s hope so.

What do you think of this team working together? Can they pull off a win and go after Jared for eviction or are they in trouble here?


  1. I can’t believe that I am saying this but I hope Jared or Kelsey wins HOH. I like Cass but…. Tim gotta go.

    • I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with Jared and Kelsey. They were just I guess this life because of the trio therefore they came across as strong so everyone roots for the underdog but really, Kelsey has not had it easy in that house since the very beginning. People like Tim and Joel and Cassandra and the brothers have been sitting back and enjoying their vacation whereas someone like Kelsey has had to really play the game and be on 24/7. So, I don’t think it’s really been fun for Kelsey! Ultimately I see her as the underdog and she’s bringing Jared along for the ride as a threat but really an underdog in my opinion.
      As for Tim, I don’t understand why so many people want him gone. I mean I must be missing something!? He seems like a fun-loving character and entertainment! And I don’t think he’s playing hard to win, he seems like he’s playing hard to help someone else when like Cassandra or Joel & in all actuality accidentally setting himself up to maybe win LOL I don’t think that was ever his goal to be honest with you. Maybe it is now that he’s closer to the end and in a good alliance and good with everyone in the house but I don’t think that was his initial plan …. I think he was there to just have fun with some Canadians LOL Again in my opinion 🙂

      • I don’t really have a problem with Jared, but I feel like the BB fans hate on him because they tend to dislike the “cool kids” (i.e. the players who are doing well in the game), and they root for the underdogs. I feel like the BB fans never know what they want. They hate on players who aren’t playing the game, yet they like Nikki. They want players who are playing the game, yet they didn’t like Mitch (until the twist screwed him over, that’s when they started to like him) and they don’t like Jared (not saying he is a great player, but in the 3W alliance he is obv. the best player). Yes Jared may seem entitled (which btw Tim seems entitled too) but for some reason Jared gets hate and Tim doesn’t. It’s all confusing. I haven’t found a reason to dislike Jared, I just find him bland. But I hope he wins HOH so that he can target Tim.

        I replied to your message in the other thread as to why my I find Tim annoying. But you also brought up another reason why I don’t like Tim. I also don’t like players who don’t have any motivation to win. He is taking up space from another Canadian who wants to be on BBCAN. I think that Tim is either there for the stipend that BBCAN gave him to appear on the show or he is there for more TV time. Either way it’s ridiculous. Yes Tim is playing a great game, but he said multiple times I don’t want to win. If he doesn’t want to win he should just leave.

  2. Hope Tim stays so Jared and Kelsey goes. I like this four way alliance between the wild cards, Cass and Joel

  3. I really don’t think these wild cards have really been wild cards! They’re not your typical pawns aside from the brothers LOL these wildcards know exactly what they’re doing and they are working together I’m like past “pawns” these wild cards are in alliances and in control! The only reason they seem like wild cards is because so much Focus has been on Kelsey Jared and Raul & Dallas Maddie Ramsey! And then a little bit of stuff that’s happened in the middle like Mitch getting busted for not being a ” wild card” & actually playing the game like the rest of these wild cards. Imo

  4. Why wouldn’t they split up the power couple before going after the brothers? Jared & Kelsey are a stronger pair so if one of them goes it weakens the other. Tim’s side (not sure if they have a name) may need the brothers since they will eventually have to turn on each other to get to the end.
    Nikki hates Cass and wants her gone; not sure if she would actually go through with this but it may screw up their plans

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