Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto ceremony results are in on the Live Feeds for this week’s Big Brother Canada 4 events and with Ramsey’s departure from the house yesterday it left some uncertainty needing to be resolved.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

Feeds cut earlier as we waited to find out just how things would work out with the Veto and one of this week’s noms vanishing from the game. Things are back and the HGs are chattering.

Whatever went down with the Veto at the meeting the end result was Tim is now on the Block next to Maddy. One of those two will be voted out to the Jury this Thursday.

There’s been talk from the brothers of going for a Tim eviction, but that’d be tough to do with it only requiring a few votes for Tim to be safe. If the vote were held right now then Maddy would be the next out the door. That’d be the second week in a row the previous week’s HoH was voted out. Yikes!

What do you think of Tim going up on the Block? Was it the right choice for the brothers?

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  1. The vote could go either way but I see it.leaning more towards Tim. Cass wants Maddy out and so would Nikki. Kelsey has a tense relationship with her and Jared would follow suit as well so that’s four. Joel will follow Cass’ lead.

    Unless something happened that soured Tim’s relationship with Cass, I don’t see him leaving.

    • If Ramsey was still in the house, I could see Tim getting evicted. Jared/Kelsey are onto Tim and all Phil needs to do is plant the seeds and tell them that Tim was thinking about targeting them (which is true). Than with Ramsey & Jelsey’s vote its a tie and Tim goes. But Ramsey left, so Tim has the votes to stay… unfortunately.

          • Why does he annoy you so much? I mean I don’t see a lot of him myself aside from the shows and a little bit of Big Brother after Dark but I think he’s pretty funny! And smart! Annoying? I don’t really see that myself. Enlighten me lol

          • The way he talks….. Just listen to him & the nonsense he’s saying over & over again. Whoever is HOH he’s in like a dirty shirt!

          • I find Tim annoying because I feel like he is a try hard. I don’t like HGs who feel the need to put on for the cameras instead of being themselves. It seems forced and fake to me. The biggest example of this was his HOH week. Basically all season long he has been playing this character of being a wildcard, trying to create chaos and all that crap. But instead he used the “koala” nomination process to play it safe and to not make waves. If he would have said that in the DR, I would have no problems with that. But instead he totally contradicted himself in the DR and continued to say “I want to create chaos but I don’t want to make waves”. I feel like Tim just plays a character all the time instead of being himself and he seems to crave attention all the time which is extra annoying.

  2. So now they’re missing a week unless if they do some “rewind” button twist or split the brothers up on Thursday’s show, or maybe bring back a juror

    • Not necessarely. More than likely there was another double eviction week to come. They can just bring it back to a single. Unless they split the brothers.

      • Actually, thinking about it, it works fine. There are 8 people left and 3 eviction episodes left. This Thursday, there’ll be 7 people left, then the next two evictions can be double evictions, leaving us with 3 people finale week. They probably had a triple eviction planned, but that won’t be necessary anymore. Maybe they’ll do an instant eviction rather than 2 doubles

    • NOPE!! You Are Not Alone! I like them both also, especially Tim! Nikki’s funny also, a little over-dramatic to say the least but I think she does that on purpose. Overly dramatic then she really is…! I think she plays dumber than she is. But I don’t want either to win because of course I want a Canadian to win our Canadian game LOL

    • Its not that I don’t ‘like’ them… Tinalee says, it’d be nice if a Canadian won a Canadian game. I. So tired of Canada rolling over & being so…..what’s that word? Seriously, I can’t figure the word & I don’t want to offend anyone.

  3. Oh haha! I should have read this before I commented on your other blog LOL
    But just because Big Brother production still did the veto ceremony and Tim is up with Maddy (gag) they could still tell them on Thursday no one is going home right? And once again screw the house over or at least several HGs!
    In MY perfect world Maddie goes home, home……. home! !!!!! Not to worry but home!!!!!!!!! And then that evens out the jury LOL

    • Yep, I like that idea…. Get ‘er outta there!
      AND SEND HER HOME…. Back here to Vancouver where she represented us! Lololololol! Ya, we’re proud! ?

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