Big Brother Canada 4: Eviction Prediction In Week 5

Another Houseguest will walk out the door tonight on Big Brother Canada just as a past eviction will be undone by the end of the night for what should be a very fun BBCAN4 coming up soon.

Dallas plots his next move on BBCAN4
Dallas plots his next move on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

Loveita and Kelsey are waiting in the wings and our last glimpse of them getting ready showed both in dressy clothes, so I don’t expect anything physical for the deciding factor. Without any info from Global on yet another game twist we’re left with no real way to speculate and discuss… thanks. But what about who will be voted off tonight?

This week has seen so many flips of the vote that it’s crazy. Maddy is up against Dallas and there’s been a surprising amount of back and forth movement on the decision. Dallas seems like a real pain in the rear and wouldn’t be someone I’d want to be around. Sure, those aren’t good reasons to get rid of someone, but it certainly does make it harder to want to keep them when you have the opportunity to say goodbye.

Yesterday it looked like Dallas had pulled off a recovery but that washed away earlier today. Now there are at least four votes against Dallas coming from Nikki, Mitch, Raul, and Ramsey. Mitch has also let Joel know which way the wind is blowing so he might pick up the hint and join their count. Even if Joel stays in the evict-Maddy camp it’d be a tie with him, Cassandra, Jared, and the brothers. In which case Tim would break the tie. Hasn’t he promised both noms he’d save them at some point in this week’s house waffling?

Hmm. I’m going to go with Dallas being evicted. I’m no Maddy fan, but breaking up the streak of five women voted out seems appealing and not having to see Dallas play in his pants or watch another of his hissy fits would be nice too.

Update: Tim told Nikki he’d break a tie to keep Dallas, so it could easily be Maddy going after all.

Who do you think will be voted out tonight on Big Brother and which HG will re-enter the game?

We’ll be back here at 8PM ET to watch it play out with our live coverage of the not-so-live show. Since tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode will be taped in advance you can find the spoilers on Twitter, but I’m going to avoid that one and just let the chaos wash over me. There are few surprises with Big Brother and even fewer with BBCAN, so I’ll take them where I can.


  1. I think you got the votes wrong. I think that Mitch, Raul, Jared, and Nikki will vote off Dallas. While The Nick/Phil, Cassandra will vote off Maddy. Joel and Ramsey are on the fence and I’m not 100% sure where their votes will go. We are either getting a unanimous vote, a 4-4 vote or a 5-3 vote. But I agree I think Dallas is getting evicted this week.

    But I don’t understand why Cassandra/Bros/Dallas are scrambling so hard to get Nikki’s vote. They don’t need her vote. All they need is 4 votes for a tie. They got 2 so far. All they have to do is convince Ramsey and Joel to evict Maddy. Tim is leaning towards evicting Maddy anyways.

  2. I think that the house will vote in either Loveita or Kelsey similar to how James was brough back on BB9.

  3. Joel will probably keep Dallas unless he lets Mitch control his vote.
    Why are Cass and the brothers keeping Dallas ? I thought they were against him. Is there a new deal I don’t know about?

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