Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household Last Night? – Week 10

We have the Big Brother Canada spoilers on who won HoH last night following the Double Eviction that saw Zach and Pilar voted out of the house only a week shy of the season finale.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house – Source: Global

We didn’t get to see the competition kick off at the end of the DE show, but when Feeds returned there was a new HoH. This player will be guaranteed a spot in the F3 with safety for the week with just four HGs left in the game.

Sarah is the new Head of Household for Week 10 as we close in on the season finale.

Nominations are coming up so we’ll keep watching for the official BBCAN3 results, but I think it’s safe to say Ashleigh and Godfrey will go up. If Ashleigh or Godfrey wins the Veto then Sarah will be forced to renom Brittnee and probably say goodbye to her closest ally.

What do you hope will happen this week ahead of next Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada finale?


  1. Brittney and Sarah are there thanks to big brother canada and their stupid sprcial power,i hated them both and hope they lose.

        • Ashleigh could prove to be a problem (actually she already is hehe).

          The jury is full of Diapers and Chop Shoppers so alliance loyalty might be a factor among these people in choosing a winner for the season.

          • Absolutely it is and I’ve said he’s doing a good job with it. My point is that it’s easy to beat someone who is trying to let you beat them. That wasn’t a commentary on the quality or value of his game.

    • At least the special power had a drastic impact on the game. We haven’t really seen anything like that in the US version since the Coup d’État was used in Season 11.

      Either really good twists, or no twists at all. I’m assuming you’re more towards the latter, but I’m more so of the former.

    • Actually, they made big moves and won competitions all on their own without the twists. They were basically an alliance of 2 the entire competition and there they sit, 2 of the final 4. Twists aside, Sarah and Brittany have played an amazing game which is why they are still there. There was no twist when Britt got out Graig. No twist when Sarah got out Zach. There definitely weren’t twists every time Brittany was on the block as a “pawn” and managed to stay in the game. And there definitely aren’t any twists now that Sarah is HOH and in the final 3. Get over it. You might not like Sarah and Brittany for your own personal reasons but those two have played one heck of a game, especially Brittany, whether you like to admit it or not. Hate all you want but true Big Brother super fans know those two girls have made it this far because of their game and NOT because of twists. 🙂

  2. Worst Big Brother ever! Twists got rid of all the game players. Derek and John were amazing players that deserved to win. Look at the 4 people left. Totally ridiculous.

    • Well, I must say I disagree as neither Derek nor John were players in this season of BB Canada. There was a Johnny, perhaps that is who you’re thinking of?

      • John won Bb Can 2 and Derek won BB US last summer. Great players used as an example on how bad this season is. Twistos have made all the big moves. All the best players are in the jury house.

        • Derrick worked around the twists that were thrown at him and his castmates during his season managed to figure how they could favor his game and it worked tremendously for him. He basically benefitted from it.

          Jon had a strong social game and was friends on both sides of the house, unlike Zach who depended on showmances and alpha males to last this long. But what solidify Jon as a great player was being able to evict Neda before the final 2 when we all thought he was gonna carry her to the win. He didn’t depend on showmances but with a strong ally and a social game that was never one-sided nor is proven to be volatile with whatever destructive twist thrown at him in his season.

          • You cannot look at the 4 people left and say they are the best 4 players in the game. The road was paved for them, not great gameplay. Kevin and Bruno were the best 2 all around players and were solely evicted due to ridiculous twists.

          • After the last twist a week ago, it was every person for themselves.

            Twists can make or break you but if you have that power to change everything, you either gonna be either smart or stupid on whether or not to use it for your own benefit. Same goes for showmances. It will either make you look good over someone who you just carried to the end, or just the exact opposite which Jon was about to be had he not did what he did to solidify his win.

            Sarah and Brittnee proved that even without twists nor showmances nor a majority alliance, they can play individual games that they can own up to and end up where they are now.

            They are true underdogs who finally got a hold of their destiny after so many weeks in the bottom.

            Their back-to-back wins are well-deserved as they earned it without the benefit of a twist.

          • I disagree. Brittany and Sarah earned their spot. Brittany managed to prove that not all pawns go home and she has multiple wins behind her. If she wasn’t good at the game, she never would have made it off the block as a pawn. Sarah has also played an awesome game and also has multiple wins behind her. You may not be happy with the final 4 but Brittany and Sarah EARNED their spots. There was only two twists that benefited them, the rest they did on their own so get off the pity pot and give credit where credit is due and they sure deserve it. Maybe if they won nothing on their own or didn’t defy they odds that they have considering they were outsiders, I’d agree with you. Those two girls were essentially alone for most of the game, yet they are two of the four remaining and that’s not just because of twists. Sarah EARNED the HOH that got rid of Zach all on her own. Remember that!!!

          • I disagree. Brittany and Sarah earned their spot. Brittany managed to prove that not all pawns go home and she has multiple wins behind her. If she wasn’t good at the game, she never would have made it off the block as a pawn. Sarah has also played an awesome game and also has multiple wins behind her. You may not be happy with the final 4 but Brittany and Sarah EARNED their spots. There was only two twists that benefited them, the rest they did on their own so get off the pity pot and give credit where credit is due and they sure deserve it. Maybe if they won nothing on their own or didn’t defy they odds that they have considering they were outsiders, I’d agree with you. Those two girls were essentially alone for most of the game, yet they are two of the four remaining and that’s not just because of twists. Sarah EARNED the HOH that got rid of Zach all on her own. Remember that!!!

          • They were not solely evicted due to ridiculous twists. Both Kevin and Bruno failed to make the right kind of connections housewide. The kind of connections and relationships that keep you off the block even when a big twist is put into play. They were simply not the best 2 all around players, as evidenced by their absence in the house. Who played a good game? Look at who’s left? They did something right to still be playing at final four.

          • Well, the twists were very poor and poorly executed last summer. The twists here this year were colossal. That’s why people think Sarah and Brittnee aren’t deserving to be there.

          • That’s their loss because twists like these can forced everyone to play their hearts out instead of just lying around doing nothing the way Pilar did before she left.

        • Ohhhhh, I thought you meant in this season and were voted out. That makes much more sense.

          I agree and disagree – I think Brittnee has done a lot up front, Sarah has done a lot in the background… but Godfrey? Come on.

    • I agree the show is fixed for the favorites of who Canada likes. Absolutely BS. I’m a big Big brother fan but if this continues I will stop watching. I like reality tv not fixed tv.

  3. Love reading all the comments but there is one thing that no one has brought up and that is Godfrey…Will he make it to the end or will the girls empower themselves an finally remove him from the house. Allot of the jury members are favoring God for the win if he is at the end. If he is removed then their could be a chance the Sarah could win it all but we all have to see what her fate will be

    • Yep. God’s a true wildcard and basically a free agent. He’s playing a true floater’s game and he is going to be difficult to beat if he manage to go straight to F3 and possibly win 2 out of 3 final HOH comps next week.

  4. I’m glad Pilar left… the girl had zero strategy. I’m rooting for Sarah or Brittnee 100% people say they don’t deserve to win…however they do because regardless of the twist they were playing the game from day one. Can’t wait until next Wednesday!!!!

  5. I love this season of the show, watch since season 1 and this is my favorite. Love Sarah and Britnee’s game. Just hope Ashleigh goes to jury, because if she goes to the finale, she’s probably gonna win…

    • You’re probably right that Ashleigh would win, if it were a vote based on popularity though. IF and that’s a big if, but if it was Ashleigh sitting beside Brittany in final 2, and they voted who played the best game, I hope the jurors are smart enough to give the win to Brittany as Ashleigh was carried this far by Zach and B played the game. Unfortunately I think that’s wishful thinking and although B or Sarah deserve the win, there are some bitter sore losers in the jury who may even give it to Ashleigh out of spite just so it doesn’t go to B or Sarah. Is it fair? Nope. But that’s part of the game.

      • I disagree, Ashleigh played a very good game of her own. She won many competitions on her own. That comp in the Torture Chamber, she won it fair and square on her own. If she win the next veto and the next HOH, she deserve to be there at the end and she deserve to win. I hope she win.

        • Who the jury will vote to win will have to base it on who played it best although there’s also a lot to consider.

          For one, Ashleigh has friends in the jury, basically the entire Diaper Alliance. If she ends up on the final 2, it would only be because most jurors voted for her out of loyalty and not on gameplay. At least that is the no. 1 likelihood that could happen.

          However if there are any level-headed thinkers in there, like say JP, Sindy, Kevin, and Bruno, they will vote for those who played the game best out of the two left standing and not necessarily out of loyalty.

          That’s why either B, S or God could get a vote because they did play their own individual games without the benefit of a supportive alliance.

          Sarah and Britt took out strong players with and without the benefit of a twist and have largely won competitions in the latter half of the season back to back after weeks of being pawns and underdogs, while Godfrey has proven to be a threat who have played a great under-the-radar floater’s game that allowed him to be friends with the jury which could prove to be dangerous to anyone sitting next to him. The only thing that would prove problematic for him is convincing the jury that playing them like fools this whole time.

          Ashleigh has a strong dominant alliance who carried her as far as it could, with a strong record of competition wings that evenly matches that of Brittnee’s alone. Strategy-wise, she has largely allowed her game to be dictated by her own alliance and that is not the kind of lasting impression she would want to leave to the jury, especially the ones who hold the most sway among the jurors. So her gameplay is not without flaws.

          • lmao without the benefit of a supportive alliance!? Ur kidding right!?! Do they not count as eachothers alliance!? And does Canada not count as supporting them and pretty much single-handily keeping Brit in the game… you have to be kidding me if you think Sarah and Brittnee are there because they took themselves there, without the luck of winning HOH on the triple and Canada feeling sorry for the underdogs they both wouldnt still be there… people here are talking about bias jury, I think the fans are bias! The twists are ruining the show for me and a lot of other fans.. its not supposed to be about who Canada likes, how can you have any kind of strategy if at any minute Canada can decide they dont like you … Brittnee doesnt deserve to win and it will be a tragedy if she does

          • Even without a triple and it’s just a plain double eviction, at least either Zach or Kevin would have been the one sent packing by Brittnee’s hands. And again, anyone could could have won that Q&A competition to become Head of Household.

            And it’s not like a TE came out of nowhere. There are more houseguests than there are weeks into the current season, 16 players over 10 weeks.

            If the house weren’t using Brittnee as a constant pawn for half the season, an underdog status would have likely gone to someone else and Canada’s Have-Not vote would have been awarded to someone else, who would then be eligible to compete for a special power who would likely use it to his/her own benefit. And if any of the top-getters won Head of Household that week, they can’t become a Have-Not thus not qualified to compete for that power. If anyone between S and B won HOH, they’ll be screwed by whoever won it.

            And besides, B was a recipient of a twist only once (which she still had to earn), while Sarah didn’t even benefit for any of the twists (she was eligible for one but lost out to Brittnee) that occurred throughout the season. No one cried foul over Bruno earning a special power himself then so should Brittnee. And even without any twists, they have still won competitions when it mattered and took out big players.

            Because anything can happen in this game as it should be, the show is basically living up to the format’s motto: Expect the unexpected.

          • Yes without the triple Brittnee gets rid of Kevin… right because Bruno would still win the Veto, save Zach and she would still put Willow up there, Pilar wouldnt have come into play had it only been a double, and Zach woulda gone home….. either way it was an easy HOH for her because noone had time to strategize…and yes anyone could have won it and I would be saying the same thing, easy hoh for them… this is part of BB and I have no issue with it as a twist because its still within the concept of the game… I just saying Brit was lucky to win on that week, same way anyone would have been.

            The house used Brittnee as a pawn because she wasnt a strong player… she sucked… thats why you get branded a pawn! And yes Canada could have voted for anyone and I would be saying the SAME thing… not fair. B didnt “earn” anything, Canada gave it to THEM… her or Sarah.. and then they had to compete for it but because it was her and sarah it made no difference who won it, it would have been used the same way and Canada knew that, so Canada GAVE it to them.. it wasnt earned, come on!

            Canada didnt GIVE Bruno the special power.. they voted to make the power bigger that week, not knowing who would win it.. THAT type of twists are great cuz it adds a twist but doesnt influence the game in a sense that shouldnt happen in this ISOLATED game… its no longer about strategy when canada is almost voting ppl out themselves

            Sarah I have no issue with at all… my ONLY point is Brittnee doesnt deserve to be in the game… SHE didnt earn her spot, Canada gave it to her… AFTER that yes her and Sarah have stayed in the game on their own… but thats irrelevant, she shouldnt be there, if not for Canada she would be in jury and you wouldnt be able to say shes won this and that after…

            The point of Big Brother is to last in a house and use social and strategic game along with comps to make it to the end… its supposed to be isolated from the outside world and when Canada votes it kills it and also ruins the credibility of the game because it looks like they made up stuff to keep brittnee and sarah in.. and TONS of people are ranting about this, Obviously you like Brittnee.. thats fine… my issue isnt with brittnee its with BB… I would be saying this even if my fav houseguest benefitted from the power… it still wouldnt be fair… I wish people werent so bias!

          • With just a double, she would likely still put up both Kevin and Zach and get the benefit of at least taking out on of those two.

          • Yes with a double absolutely… but with a normal HOH not necessarily, because assuming its the same veto comp Bruno still wins and saves Zach, leaving Kevin up there with likely Pilar… But either way Kevin has a whole week to get in people’s heads and change their mind… its not the same an an instant eviction… Kevin was one of the best players in the game when it came to strategy, but he had no chance because it was up on the block and out… you cant possible say an instant eviction makes no difference? Im not taking that away from Brittnee though, thats part of the game… but I dont give her THAT much credit because its easy to knock someone out at an instant eviction… double, triple wtv.. point is it was an eviction in less then an hour! Waaaay different and not as impressive!

          • Kevin nominating Naeha and Brittnee for the instant was a huge blunder on his part. I believe he never knew until it was too late that he was a primary target by the then-majority alliance. Once he learned about it, he already locked in his noms.

            Such a shame as he could have formed a more powerful counter-alliance with her and her allies and in turn, allowed Jordan and Zach to enjoy being in the middle throughout most of the game.

          • We will never know if that was a good or bad move, Naeha didnt get a chance to play…therefore we dont know what she would have done… this is your opinion but we dont really know, maybe if he gets someone else out that week he goes home sooner… we will never know. regardless my point stands, an instant eviction is not the same as a week long eviction

          • It’s a given guarantee you can only take out one during the second half of the double. With that, Brittnee would still be fine with either Zach or Kevin getting saved if either Kevin or Zach is the one voted to be evicted by the house. That would force the Chop Shoppers and the Diapers’ hands into saving one of their own.

            Willow or Pilar would still likely be spared as both are key allies to their respective alliances.

          • My point is had it been a week long of nominees and time to strategize and get votes and change minds maybe neither would have gone home… we dont know… its easy to get someone out when you can do it within the hour and noone gets to talk.. Brittnee did it but it was easy, not impressive

        • YTes she has won a few comps. But she only started winning once, she realized her allies where dropping like flies and would no longer be able to carry her around much longer.

        • Sarah was the won who won the competition locked in a box with things crawling all over her. You don’t think that was tough? Sarah is openly claustrophobic, yet she won. She deserves to be there. I couldn’t do that comp. I’d quit before it even began.

          • I never said Sarah didn’t deserve to be there. I said Ashleigh deserve to be the winner. Over and out.

      • Ashleigh was smart to team up with Zack and admitted she was using him to help her win. She ditched him in the end when it was the right time. I’m actually hoping she wins at this point.

        • Well said… Ashleigh teamed up with the biggest threat knowing hed always be a target before her AND that he could convince people to take her along with him… she also won veto the 2 times she needed to save herself… She deserves to win !

      • And Brittnee wasnt carried here by Canada?!?!?! Brittnee should not even be in the house anymore.. ridiculous!

        • Not at all. You obviously haven’t been following the show. Brittany was winning things and playing an awesome game BEFORE any twists. Look how many times she made it off the block as a pawn and as we all know, most pawns go home. Did she go home? She sure didn’t! Then let’s look at Graig. Was there a twist when Brittany got him out or when she won that HOH? Nope! How about all the weeks she made it through as a Have Not on slop? Did Canada switch her food or sleeping arrangements when no one was looking so that she wouldn’t have to suffer as a Have Not? Not at all. She made it on her own. Then let’s look at HOH last week? Was there a twist when Brittany won and broke up Ashleigh and Pilar? Nope! How about all the moves Sara has made? Was there a twist when she got out Zach? Heck no! Even with twists, those Brittany could have wasted the twists and not made big moves to change the game and give herself an advantage. Instead of wasting the twists like Bruno did with the special POV, Brittany used them and used them well. She has played the game and done an awesome job at playing it. Facts are facts and they are all laid out for you nice and clear. If you choose not to accept the facts, it’s on you. At this point in the game, peoplr know Sara and Brittany have played the best game, that’s based on facts and wins alone, WITHOUT twists. You can hate all you want but it does not change the fact that Sarah and Brittany DESERVE to be in that house and they’ve EARNED it. That’s not going to change because you disagree. Frankly, there are a lotttttt more people that do realize the game she’s played and that she deserves the win than people who don’t, the haters. Haters can keep on hating! 🙂

          • LMFAO! You are obviously a bias Brittnee fan because you are twisting things to make her look good…. she did not “survive” as a pawn, she was never in any danger because yes “pawns do go home” SOMETIMES, not most of the time, which BB have you been watching!?! Brittnee was a true Pawn, never in danger and used because SHE SUCKED!!! Thats why she was a pawn… she got Greg out, big deal, everyone was sooo annoyed by Greg he was easy to get out, AND he wasnt a big player by any means, theres noway greg woulda won this game, he had a crappy game! She happen to win HOH on a twist, she had no choice “not to use it” lol she was told what to do and she got rid of Willow… what a joke, someone who was never coming after her…. then she got saved because Canada felt sorry for her.. again she HAD to use it… she didnt have a choice… ur saying at least she didnt waste it.. she couldnt, she would have went home.. like she should have!!! And then she gets rid of Pilar!? lmao the worst player in the game… yeah big threat that Pilar… regardless though because anything she did AFTER canada saved her doesnt even count to me, she should not still be in the game… this game is supposed to be a social ISOLATED game.. when you let Canada make decisions you ruin the game… simple as that… BBCAN failed this year and Im not the only one who feels this way, Brittnee is not a good player, thats obvious in the fact that she has ZERO friends in the jury…. horrible game, only there because canada saved her… pathetic. I said nothing about Sarah, so Im not talking about Sarah… but its funny you say there are more people who think they played a good game then didnt, because I would say its the other way around and unless we can talk to every person in the world who watch BBCAN we’ll never know…. but facts are facts and the fact is Brittnee would NOT be in the house if it wasnt for canada.. you can not argue that!

          • Actually I can argue that. Because all these supposed “good players” you talk about did absolutely nothing. No big moves. is that playing the game? Big brother is more than a social game. Much more. It’s also strategic. Do I like the twists? Not at all. I’d rather see it like season 2 of BBUS. No twists. All strategy, social and physical game. That’s what started my love of the show was season 1. It’s not about showmances, twists or anything like. BBUS is far superior in comparison because it’s more about the game and less about putting on a performance. It’s more real. But do I think Brittany deserves to be in that house? She sure does. Having friends in the jury doesn’t make you a good player. You shouldn’t win the game because of who your friends are. You should win the game because you played it well. We obviously need to agree to disagree because I am not backing down on my opinion of Brittany. And you’re obviously not backing down on yours. I do think we can both agree that it needs to be more about the game and less about the twists.

  6. I’m not happy this year. The show was so rigged for Sarah and Brit. Totally fixed. I’m a big brother fan and I have been watching since bb USA 1st season. I like reality tv not fixed for the favorites to win. Sarah does not deserve to be there. She cried her way there and with Canada’s help. If this continues I will stop watching BBC.

    • Well us Canucks did not want the big bully teams to win, we never do and always use Canada’s vote to stop this trend from the USA. As a BBC player you should know going in, the way Canada views you is bigger then the way your houseguest view you ….. I love the fact we can decide the fate of the game a little here and there.

      • Who was a bully in the house!? Because I completely missed it….. I was SHOCKED when Canada’s favs were Brit and Sarah… noone I know likes them… I dont think anyone in the house was a bully or a mean person…So Im not exactly sure what you think Ashleigh, Godfrey, Zach, Pilar or Bruno did wrong to “look bad” to Canada… Pilar is probably the sweetest person I’ve ever seen… Canada’s vote had nothing to do with Bullies… it had to do with them being underdogs and I see hashtag underdog everywhere for them.. so pretty much because Sarah sucked at everything (which she herself said) they voted for her and her bff, because they knew they would need it… Brittnee got lucky that when she won HOH it was the triple and then Canada, she isnt the best strategic OR social player… its pure luck that shes still there. Sarah got carried by Brittnee… the fact these people have NO friends in jury says right there they arent good players…. If you look up the description of the show Big Brother it says “A group of people live in isolation from the outside world in a custom built house” – see that word ISOLATION…. means there should be no outside influence… BBCAN is trying too hard and ruining the game…. if they wanna continue having a show like this call i Canada choice … its not Big Brother

        • Sorry correction.. if you look up BB CANADA it says…. “Fifteen people share an isolated home and try to avoid being evicted by their housemates” … that other one was US…. but actually this one is every better, avoid being evicted by their HOUSEMATES… not Canada!

    • I could not agree more with you Carmen, they are ruining the game with twists based on who Canada likes… its not what the game is about!

  7. At this point, I think either Britnee, Sarah OR Godfrey deserve to win. Britnee and Sarah are the sole reason most of the jury members were evicted. However, because I love Britnee more, I want her to win. Godfrey was freaking alone the entire game and he managed to make it this far. I’d say, he played a great game! Even though he annoys me, he deserves it too. I feel like if Britnee sits next to Sarah in the finale, she might lose. I dunno, what do you guys think?

    • godfrey and brittnee need to be in first/second, pilar floated her way to 5th (so so SO glad she didn’t make it to second place as a pawn) godfrey played peoples emotions and successfully got himself under the radar even being on the block week after week, brittnee was one of the few people in the house who actually had the balls to make big moves, i fail to see sarah’s contribution to the game outside of last week/the “triple” eviction, all she’s done is bitch and moan and attack people every time things didn’t go her way, sarah can NOT win this season (though she probably will since she’s the one big brother’s backing- and i do believe that big brother (canada) backs certain houseguests and rigs comps/twists in order to give them the best chance to win, even if none of the houseguests know they’re being backed)

  8. I miss Frankie Grande from last year.he was such a amazing character. He won the hearts of many when he was stricken with news of his grandpa he was named after.Neared his soul on national TV as it can be big brother what it was like coming out to his family.what it was like to be Ariana’s brother.I miss you Frankie

      • For sure, it is a strategy. I can see him in the F3. It’s just not the kind of player I particularly like….that’s just me.

  9. Sarah and Brittnee are only still there because of the twists which I think ruined the whole game. What a disappointing season.

  10. this season sucks they picked a winner before hand. cause sarah and Brit shoild be gone. I mean come on Brit wins 2 special veto when her and sarah are on the block together give me a break to much of what canada wanys not enough game play they got there because of canada not good game play. i’ll think twice about watching next season. Big Brother US is so much better.

    • Brittany actually WON the twist for the triple eviction. She didn’t have it handed to her. She had to WIN it. If anyone else had won it you wouldn’t be hating would you? It’s like when you’re kids on the school ground and you play a game but someone else wins. You whine and complain because they won and you didn’t and then you say they cheated. Are you still stuck on the school ground? The whole blame it on the twists and Canada thing would work if Brittany had just been handed that power and not won. Canada chose the power but Brittany won. Deal with it!

      • Its not about her winning it or not winning it… she won HOH, yes great but theres a difference between giving the people she tried to get out a whole week to be on the block, AND for it to only be 2 on the block and one sent home… she got handed the chance to nominate 3 people and send 2 home AND more importantly to do it in the span of less then an hour where there was noone to talk to anyone, its way easier then a normal HOH, and she was LUCKY and handed that, she didnt win that, she won a normal HOH comp. Brittnee was also handed the other power, by Canada, if it was her or Sarah they both would have used it for eachother, but it was for sure handed to them, they did nothing to “win” that. You are assuming that people wouldnt be hating if it was the other way around and I cant speak for susan but I can say I would be hating either way…… my issue isnt with Brittnee its with Big Brother Canada for not letting the game be played how it should be…. if Zach woulda been voted canadas fav and sent home brit, sarah with it I would be saying that exact same thing…. its not fair, its not how the game is supposed to be… canada should not have a say. They voted for Brittnee and Sarah because they were the underdogs…. so basically because they sucked… if you dont see that you obviously dont have a twitter, cuz its allllll over the place, hashtag underdog… which means .. NOT THE BEST PLAYER! and thats why were mad about it, nothing to do with the school ground and or Brittnee herself.. at least not in my eyes!

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