Big Brother Canada 3: Nomination Anticipation In Week 10

It’s our final round of Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother Canada 3 as the new Head of Household, crowned following the latest Double Eviction events last night, prepares to send two HouseGuests to the chopping block

Sarah gets bubbly on Big Brother Canada
Sarah gets bubbly on Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

With just four players left in the game there are few options and when the Veto hits, there will be no alternatives. This could go just as planned, or end in the worst way for the new HoH.

Sarah is the new HoH and she’s got an easy choice: should she put her closest ally, Brittnee, on the block or not? Hmm. Nope! There you go.

Sarah will send Ashleigh and Godfrey to the block for eviction, but it’s not all said and done just yet.

If either Godfrey or Ashleigh wins the Veto then they’ll obviously save themselves and Brittnee will be renom’d. The Veto holder would then cast the sole vote of the week and I think there’s a good chance both the noms would like to see the only remaining alliance split apart.

Everyone needs to go in to this week’s Power of Veto comp with guns blazing because a season’s worth of efforts could be about to be wiped out if they’re not careful.

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