Big Brother Canada 3: Nomination Anticipation In Week 10

It’s our final round of Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother Canada 3 as the new Head of Household, crowned following the latest Double Eviction events last night, prepares to send two HouseGuests to the chopping block

Sarah gets bubbly on Big Brother Canada
Sarah gets bubbly on Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

With just four players left in the game there are few options and when the Veto hits, there will be no alternatives. This could go just as planned, or end in the worst way for the new HoH.

Sarah is the new HoH and she’s got an easy choice: should she put her closest ally, Brittnee, on the block or not? Hmm. Nope! There you go.

Sarah will send Ashleigh and Godfrey to the block for eviction, but it’s not all said and done just yet.

If either Godfrey or Ashleigh wins the Veto then they’ll obviously save themselves and Brittnee will be renom’d. The Veto holder would then cast the sole vote of the week and I think there’s a good chance both the noms would like to see the only remaining alliance split apart.

Everyone needs to go in to this week’s Power of Veto comp with guns blazing because a season’s worth of efforts could be about to be wiped out if they’re not careful.

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  1. This season’s final stretch is painful to watch. Brit and Sarah have whined and complained all season and have been rewarded by essentially getting a free ride to the end of the game. Bleh. At least the US version does a better job of production swinging the game in the favour of someone they want.

  2. This Season Sarah and Brit have basically been saved from eviction like 5 times from eviction by these dumb twists they sat in the dairy room and cried and canada gave them there sympathy Big Brother 17 cant possibly get worse final 4 should be i think Zach,Pilar,Kevin,Godfrey but twists made this final 4 one of the worst in a long time.

    • The two were saved only once, one was the competition which Brittnee won to save herself and Godfrey during the week of Ashlegih’s HOH. Sarah already saved herself when she won the Veto prior to the eviction. And besides, had any of those two won HOH, they wouldn’t be eligible to compete for that special power anyway and they’d be screwed just as well had anyone else use that power for their own benefit.

      And it’s not Brittnee’s fault that she had to take out two players during the second half of the triple eviction that has been pre-planned since the season had only 10 weeks but have 16 housemates so there’s bound to a triple on top of three doubles (which includes the special). But when she did, she took out the one housemate who’s gonna go after her anyway.

      The double veto that Bruno won weeks earlier could have saved Godfrey and Johnny. I don’t see anyone complaining about that twist.

      • We can argue with the haters all day long, but at the end of the day, we actually watched the show and they very obviously didn’t. We all know Brittany had to win the HOH for the triple eviction. People are just mad that the players they like are gone and couldn’t pull off a win so they are now grasping for straws to rationalize why their favourite is out and Brittany isn’t. The facts are cut and dry. Only one twist has been directly given to her by Canada. The rest is a bunch of hate and bs. I can’t wait for the finale, because Brittany and Sarah fans who have watched them play one heck of a game all season will be the ones cheering when those two pull off the win. 🙂 And all those guys will have been beaten by a couple of girls and they never saw it coming! 🙂

  3. I totally agree with you!!!!!!!! This year has been a joke!!!!!! Big Brother is suppose to observe and not interfere and give obvious advantages to one player over and over. It definitely removes all the credibility of the show. Worst season yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How was she given more than one advantage? Were you not watching the show when Brittany WON the HOH for the triple eviction? Because I was and I saw that she WON it. Anyone in that house could have won it but Brittany won. How is that an advantage when it’s something anyone could have had. It wasn’t chosen for her. It wasn’t handed to her. It had to be won. So please, how was she handed that advantage? Wait, don’t answer. Because anyone who watched that night watched her WIN it and not have it given to her by Canada. 🙂 Again, keep on hating!

  4. I’d like to point out the fact that the triple nomination twist was WON by Brittany and not handed to her. Anyone could have won that twist if they won the competition. It happened that it was B who won. The more people say it was handed to her, the more the people saying it look like bitter haters because their favourite is out of the game. The only twist Canada assisted in making sure Brittany got was the twist that got Bruno out. The other twist Brittany won. If Zach had won it or Bruno or even Kevin, people wouldn’t be whining. Complain all you want, but there is recorded video that shows Brittany WON that twist because she WON the competition. Get over it . So what if you don’t like her or her personality? There is an entire season worth of video that shows she has EARNED this and EARNED her way to where she is. Hating on her for playing a good game when there are facts and proof that she has played a game including a arson worth of footage, just makes people look like sore losers. Canada didn’t give her the triple eviction, she won it. Accept it and move on. That could have been anyone else but she WON it! If you don’t believe it or refuse to accept that she actually won it, then here’s some advice. 1. Open up Google in your browser. 2. Look up a way to call Big Brother Canada production or the network. 3. Dial the number. 4. When someone answers, tell them you think they rigged the show and that Brittany didn’t win the competition that earned her HOH for the triple eviction. 5. Then get back to me with their answer. Lol Until someone does that, no one can say that Brittany didn’t win that HOH. Bruno could have made a smart move and got out Zach, a threat. Did he? Nopeeeee! Instead, he saved one of the biggest threats in the game, ally or not, dumb move. Not a good move. Does not reflect that he played the game well. Not at all. Point has been made. Brittany has EARNED her way to where she is. There’s not arguing with the truth. 🙂

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