Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 8 Nomination Results

The latest results are in for Big Brother Canada spoilers as the new HoH has made the nominations formal after a night of planning and attempts by one Houseguest to shock the system with truth bombs.

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations
Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

While the noms are fun for now the twist is likely to make all of this moot when everything is up for a change on Wednesday. Find out who officially went up on the block for the latest round of nominations.

Big Brother Canada 3 – Week 8 Nominations:

  • Godfrey
  • Sarah

No surprises here as Ashleigh, the current Head of Household, point blank told both Houseguests that they’d be going up on the block and here they are. Ashleigh also told both the other was the target and they were each safe. Oops.

What do you hope will happen next? Veto Competition should be coming up soon and that can settle a lot of discussions once we know for sure if one of these noms will come down.

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  1. Well hopefully Godfrey wins the veto and Sarah or Britt wins the special veto…then the house would flip drastically

  2. I just don’t understand why people like Sarah. She plays way too emotionally and I think B is playing a better game than she is. Sarah always thinks she is in control and then just screws it up for herself. I think at the end of the day, Bruno is the only choice right now who deserves to win so if Bruno does end up going this week somehow due to the special power, I will give up on the season and cheer for pilar

    • Brit is definitely playing a better game. She’s won two HOH’s and been on the block 4 times yet she’s still considered less of a target than Sarah who’s done nothing but talk and dig her own grave deeper every week.

    • Lol…wouldn’t that be the best thing that happened on BBC…if pilar wins. Honestly all the best game playing is needed to get to the end but luck…definitely doesn’t hurt when you need it.

  3. I don’t mind twists on BB as long as you don’t lose the essence of the game/original format, but this is “twists overload” Viewers are involved a little too much on the game. Kevin has no control of what happened to him. If they’ve listened to the viewers, the twist could have been “keep Kevin” He’s a good player and a fan favorite. (they’ll do that here in US. lol)

  4. I REALLY hope that Sarah and Brit don’t get the chance for the power. It just comes down to me not thinking they deserve it, Brit is just a useless player. I don’t care about her HOH wins, she can’t make decisions for herself. On the other hand, Sarah is an arrogant crybaby who pitches a fit like a child whenever she doesn’t get her way.

    Not saying that anybody else is much better, the only players that I’m even rooting for at this point would be Godfrey or Bruno. Bruno is probably playing the best game (not as if that’s anything to brag about in this house) and Godfrey is ballsy. Everybody else has something that makes root against them.

    • How does Britnee not make decisions on her own? When you’re in an alliance especially if you’re on the losing side you need to take that person’s consideration into account. She talks things out with Sarah but ultimately her decision was her decision and it was a good one as Willow and Kevin were two people going after her that she got evicted.

      • When did Kevin ever establish that he was going after Brit? He put her up as a pawn, he made that abundantly clear. If anything, it was obvious that Kevin didn’t take her seriously. His agenda was to take out Bruno and/or Zach in the near future. He even said in his post eviction interviews that he was considering coming to Sarah and Brit with a plan to take the guys out.

        Her main motivation is to be seen as a big player in the game by the other houseguests, probably the dumbest thing I can fathom a player wanting. Granted, being a pawn isn’t the best position, but actually complaining that people think you’re weak is ludicrous and shows a complete lack of understanding of the game. Smart players know that’s the best position to be in, you don’t want people to feel threatened by you.

        • Definitely…threatening isn’t going to get you far…and fellows players not knowing where your heads at…will also get you out the door.

        • At the end you need the jury members to see you as a big threat. I’m pointing out that the hg’s see Sarah as this huge threat yet it’s been Brittnee this entire time. She’s being seen as nothing but a puppet when she’s a player and if the hg’s keep seeing her as such even if she makes it to final 2 they may still see it and not vote her to win even though out of all the ladies she’s the most deserving as of yet.

          • You can make moves without being seen as a big threat and thus making yourself a target: See Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick, Danielle Reyes.

            Not to mention, that’s the whole purpose of having a F2 speech. Explaining to the jury why you deserve to win the money, what you did in the house to earn that.

          • Right but I’m pointing out that they might not believe Britt. Last episode, Zach said that Sarah put up Kevin, Pili and Willow and I was so mad because Sarah had nothing to do with it, it was Britt’s HOH and her decisions. I’m fine that she’s not being seen as a threat but it’s annoying that they’re giving all the credit to Sarah so if Sarah and Britt ended up F2, Sarah would get all the credit.

    • I agree about sarah…crybaby in the first degree…and when you don’t win comps and it’s coming to the end. You now start calling people in on their deceptions…the Zack situation that she let loose on Ash and Pilar…don’t think that helped her game…but she might save herself…production will make sure that she’s in the “twist” this week.

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