Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

Another marathon Power of Veto competition is over and we have more Big Brother Canada spoilers for the last Veto comp of the season with a lot weighing in the balance.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Slice

No surprises with the nominations once we knew the HoH results and other than safety as Head of Household the rest of the week would be decided by this crucial PoV comp. We can likely predict the outcome of the next eviction and this season’s F3 already based on who won Veto.

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Ashleigh won the Power of Veto, again, and as one of Sarah’s nominees you know she’ll use it. (Exact repeat of Week 9’s situation.)

When Ashleigh comes down then Sarah must renom Brittnee, the only other option. Ashleigh will cast the sole vote and I expect her to send Britt on off to Jury. She wants to split up the last alliance and this would do that.

A Final Three with Ashleigh, Godfrey, and Sarah. I think Godfrey also just secured himself a spot in the F2. Wow!

What do you think will happen at the Power of Veto Ceremony coming up?


      • what they saved Brittney with the 2 saves when she was 100% going home. Then they had a string of luck/guessing hoh comps and they still failed to win the last pov of the season.

        • She earned that power. Had she became HOH that week, she wouldn’t be eligible to compete for it anyway. Likely Sarah or Godfrey would have won it or anyone else in third place during the public vote.

          • no the week after the triple eviction Ashley won hoh and Brittany was the replacement for the veto. She was going to be evicted when she pulled out the 2 saves they were not earned they were given to her by Canada. Brittney and Sarah were saved by Canada

          • She had to fight to get that power against Sarah. Had it been anyone else who won it, they would do what it is in their best interest in going further for the game.

            Canada were presented with who they wanted to be the two Have-Nots so that they’ll be eligible to compete for it.

            The power itself can be lost if the winner spilled about it to anyone and in doing so would get him/her evicted instantly, essentially saving whoever were nominated (except of course if the winner is a nominee him/herself).

          • Umm you seem to forget that it did not matter who got the power of those 2 they were both going to use it on each other. Thats not fighting for it they got it cause they were underdogs

          • They have to fight for the power against the other competitor, which was the purpose of the public vote to get two housemates to participate for it.

          • It was handed to them….why even bother going that that fiasco they called a competition they took all day…it would’ve been must easier to flip a coin.

          • Nope, it wasn’t handled. As I’ve repeatedly mentioned numerous times, they had to compete for it to get it. And at least one of them would not be eligible if one of the tope vote getters becomes Head of Household that week.

            Whoever was placed third in the vote will become a Have-not himself and automatically be eligible along with the second-place vote getter to compete for the special power.


          • They may be in a dualiiance but Brittnee has specifically been told not to spill about her power toSarah nor to anyone else or risk getting herself forcibly evicted. Sarah may have an idea but she still doesn’t know as to what was the exact nature of the power gained by her ally.

            For Sarah, it could have been any repurposed twists from other BB countries such as the following:
            1) Hand Grenade-When used, three votes to evict will be given to a fellow nominee.
            2) Deadly Dozen-Allocate 12 votes to evict a fellow nominee.
            3) Rewind Button-Rewind the entire week as if the then-outgoing head of household reign never happened.

          • Who of the last 5 players that went to jury would have used a power of veto to take either one of them of the block…maybe Willow?…but sarah screwed up that option…everyone was gunning for them…they are only two the other side of the house had the numbers to take them out…their cry baby alliance had no power…it was given to them !

          • They wouldn’t be cry babies in the first place if the chopping men in diapers actually get along with them the same way Derrick and Dan did when they mistified the housemates all the way to jury. Give them a false sense of safety and then strike when they least expect it.

            But of course that didn’t happen.

            Plus it’s easier to say that housemates shouldn’t cry so much over everything the way Sarah has been but it’s harder when you are there yourself trying to play a game while living in isolation with a dozen other housemates.

            BB after all is a social experiment and we see how housemates rise and fall on a daily basis and becoming unhinged and paranoid as days becomes weeks while the game progresses.

            And again, nothing has ever been handed to anyone. All powers have to be worked for and every power gained has its limits and bounds.

          • Hey i’m the first to say it’s not easy being in that house 24/7…i couldn’t do it…and being an armchair critic is way easier…but let that social experiment play out by itself and see who has the mentally and physically capacity and endurance to go to the end… Introducing too many twists into the equation will skew the results.

          • Twists are there to shake the house every now and then and prevent any stagnating that could make the season predictable. It’s in the DNA of the entire franchise, and without it, succeeding castmates in follow-up seasons would just simply know what to expect and what to do instead of being on their toes and just ride the waves as they go.

          • i know..but the operative word here is “too” and implementing them equally across the board..and let the better man win…not haven your fate be commanded by a “higher power”!

          • At the end of the day, what we feel about the game is subjective.

            We either hate twists or we love them, we like certain players and we dislike others, and so on and so forth.

          • The social experiment went out the window when BB 3 allowed Shomi and music to come in the house when you won an HOH. The only entertainment allowed in BB US was a bible. No outside the house entertainment unless it was a movie prize and that was not often. This game is based on having only each other for entertainment. Get it together BB Canada! Your ship is sinking!

          • Even if you go with the argument that it was fair and earned, etc. how do you reconcile Ashleigh getting punished TWICE (once when her noms were changed and again when she couldn’t play for the next HOH) for WINNING a competition. Sarah and Britt got a power handed to them by the public while Ashleigh’s game was turned upside down when all she did was win. That’s patently unfair in what’s supposed to be a relatively straight up game.

          • This is the thing about Big Brother. Its real-time element would probably prevent anything that would pave for a smooth sailing towards the end. If in a scenario that no such power exist, we would still see a Head of Household being played like a puppet by a puppeteer and just do what she is being told regardless of what if she said otherwise in her DR confessional that she should control her game.

            And the pattern would just repeat in like a vicious circle, rendering the game stagnant which is what Big Brother should avoid at all cost.

          • It seems like BB shifted the game in favour of Ashleigh this past week so that renders all the favoritism real or imagined moot at this point. Personally I really don’t care who wins this BB if its not Sarah. This BB has been the most boring of all 3. Play BB like its supposed to be played. Dirty and Devious! This waiting for other people to make big moves was tiresome at best!

          • Also let me remind everyone that the special power competition was untimed and unlimited tries to get the answer…the rest of the house was in locked down for half a day….they were just guessing numbers at one point…when Sindy came back she was on a timer to get her answer!

          • So true they are where they are because of Canada Ashley’s hoh that week was so unfair for her she put up 3 people and neither of them went home

          • Either way, when there’s that big of a power out there that impacts the HOH’s noms so much, the outgoing HOH should be able to play in the next comp. That’s how they’ve always done it on US Big Brother. Ashleigh essentially got punished twice for winning a competition. Doesn’t make any sense.

          • Brittnee unable to compete for that veto was a fail on production’s part.

            In BBUS, there have been times before that an HOH’s reign has been rendered meaningless in one way or another, the most recent having been the Rewind Button that essentially erased Frankie’s HOH tenure, the Diamond POV that Matt used to save himself and call forth his own replacement before the live vote, and Jeff’s Coup de’tat power that completely usurped Chima’s HOH.

          • Yes, but they are generally given another chance to play for the next HOH. You shouldn’t be punished twice for winning a competition.

          • The point is that it shouldn’t be. It’s the 3rd season of the Canadian version and the US and UK have another few dozen to add on top of that. The formula is already proven. They just seem determined to go in some weird direction every season. It really takes away from the competition portion of the game.

  1. I would like Sarah for the win and either Godfrey or Ashleigh can get the 20 thousand. This is a game that should be won by a real player who can scheme and win comps and that is Sarah.

      • Totally agree…she’s not a player…if the twists didn’t come when they did she’d be in the hot tub of the jury house crying. Ash is proved to be a player…behind the Zach shield for a bit and now on her own has come through to keep herself in the game.

      • Some people cry under stress, some people even laugh at inappropriate times when under stress, others go in to their own heads and get really quiet. That doesn’t make them weak!

          • Disagree! Sarah is a thinker but the jury will vote on who they like not who played a good game.

  2. Holy.
    Ashleigh really started to play hard second half of the game.
    Rooting for Sarah tho. Sarah has been playing the entire game.
    I wonder if there will be another twist?

    • the twist is that this week is another double eviction week because the veto ceremony is when they will be evicted and then start the hoh comp

      • and the surprise twist to be announced monday that was teased at ,about winning jury gets to vote not canada this tine but half of jury must vote for production faves sara n britniey

  3. I fist pumped and almost jumped out of my seat when I read that Veto result. No more twists or audience bailouts to save Brittnee now. This might actually pave the way for a good end to this season!

    • Exactly…now it’s…let’s see you can really play the game…mano a mano…as you said no twists, no bailouts, no shields, no alliances.

  4. When big brother puts a new power into play EVERYONE needs to have a chance to compete for it. If not then its rigged for the favorite of the season.

    • You are 100% right…in my opinion…production realized that the power was shifting to one side of the house…and didn’t want the season to become predictable…so by giving their fav’s the power they were able to draw the battle lines.

  5. Hey you can say what you want but Ash is proving to be the player in the stretch…you can say that she’s been behind the zach shield for most of the game..hey that’s what shields are for…why do think bruno saved zach…for that same reason…he was the bigger target and keeping him in would help his game. One point that went unnoticed and I think speaks volume of Ash’s game…was during the zach vote…she didn’t vote for him…there was no reason to vote against him at this point…everyone knew who she was aligned wouldn’t have made a difference at this point…but she voted against him…basically telling the remaining players and Canada that hey I playing this game for Ash…not Zach!

  6. It’s almost sure that Britt going to jury. Look good for Ashleigh and Godfrey to be F2. Because of what final HOH usually is, I don’t Sarah winning it. She could but I don’t think she will. Ashleigh is a beast in comp when her back is against the wall.

    • Yes, she has risen to the top these last few weeks….she’s keeping herself in the game…her any only her!

    • Part 1 would be endurance so likely Ashleigh could win this. Second part is usually a timed memory comp. Sarah usually excels with mental comps so she could bag Part 2.

      Part 3 will be 7 Questions so it’s gonna be a luck of the draw between the two ladies.

  7. The only way Brit’s special power would have been fair is if ALL HG got to play for it; you can’t say its fair that two people played for it when the rest of the house was up for nomination! Bruno didn’t play for it and he was the one who left as a result of it.
    When is the finale? I thought it was this week but there’s still too many HG left, and I don’t see Bobby & Bruno voting for Ash to win, she only gets Zach & Pilar

    • How the public vote would fare had to depend on where the dynamics of the house stand during that week so determining the two Have-Nots who will become eligible to compete for the power could have been anyone had dynamics been different, yielding a totally different outcome than what we would have seen.

      A special eviction leading to final 3 is happening right now as we speak so by Monday’s final POV/special eviction episode, we’ll see who ends up in the final 3. The season finale is set this Wednesday.

      Right now, I think Ash’s best move at the moment is getting Brittnee saved over Godfrey for the sole reason he will get the most votes against anyone from jury.

      Ash would just have to beat either B or S in the final HOH to solidify her position in front of the jurors and hopefully win over some votes. The only thing that would hinder a win for her would be that she was mostly quiet while being under the protection of the Diapers and the Chop Shop. And yes, she wouldn’t necessarily have Bruno’s vote as he values gameplay in all aspects and he just might sway the jury in God’s favor.

      • Disagree…if she continues in this vein of winning….when it comes to the jury as the past has seen…the jurors will vote on who played the best game between the two…and if we look a notches in the belt…Ash is got it hands down.

        • Winning competitions can only cover you one aspect of the game, individual gameplay through social interaction, weathering twists and turning things around in your favor throughout the season has to be considered as well.

          • No doubt…not in question…and she was socially in the game from the beginning…she didn’t alienate herself she was part of the biggest alliances that were current…on the side of the house that had the numbers…and those numbers are now on the jury…who do S or B have?
            Production will paint the picture that this one my vote for them or that one might for for them or this one might flip…but at face value they the jurors will come to realize that Ash if she goes to the final 2 has had no outside help…yes help within but that is the way you play the game…alliances, showmances whatever it takes to get to the end.

          • S and B might have Jordan, Bruno, Willow (more so for Britt than Sarah), Godfrey, Sindy. Ash will have Pilar, Kevin, and Zach.

            Bobby is a wildcard.

          • Honestly…Bruno and willow…don’t think so…both bitter on how they got booted out…and even sindy who was one who was willing to play and make big moves will go with Ash…she will see through the smoke and mirrors and see who has played.. the.. game.. to.. the..end!
            …but it remains to be seen.

          • Or Psycho Pscych Godfrey will screw those two and ends up winning it all. Heehee

          • BTW, wasn’t Kevin the one who took out Bobby? And Bobby brought himself into that situation.

  8. You guys complain about these twist more than zack and Bruno. Get over it! Canada voted on who they wanted to give the power to. If you wanted someone else to win it you should have voted. Expect the unexpected is what they always say. So why complain when something unexpected happens. Why would you want to watch the same old season over and over again. I’m happy they are mixing it up.

  9. Players that cry are weak. If you cry because your in a bad situation in the house then you deserve to lose. If your not on top make sure you get on top by making alliances and trying to think outside the box for answers. Dan from season 14 was 99.99% going home and you know what he did he thought of something new and got himself out of it getting to final 2 again. So the fembots might be the weakest alliance ever

  10. Looks like BB 3 Canada leaned the POV games in favour of Ashleigh this last while. Zack and Sarah should have been final 2. Floaters (Godfrey) no matter what fast talk he schmoozes the jury with should not win BB 3.

  11. Sorry but this BB has to the most boring one of the all. No one was willing to make big move. Only for Sarah and Brittney the rest of the girls did what they where told by the men. We are do to the last and still ever one is voting for what the HOH wants. I think out of the whole game only 2 votes have being split sorry cant wait the BB USA to come on at least that is played in true fashion back stabbing and lying. I would hate to see Ashleigh win it she did nothing all the time stayed behind Zack and did what she was told by him.

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