Big Brother Canada 2: Week 7 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada 2 is on Slice tonight at 9PM ET/PT with the latest of what’s going on inside that BBCAN house with Thursday’s Head of Household Competition conclusion and then Nomination Ceremony to see who is in charge and who is on the block.

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Once again the previous Head of Household comp cut off before it was completed so we’ll get to start up with the end of that battle. From there we’ll pick up with the fallout from that win and the build up to this week’s nomination ceremony.

The numbers are stacked against Rachelle and Sabrina as the last two members of the Gremlins (Forsakens) so they’ve got a battle ahead of them to stay in the house.

If you can’t wait until tonight check out the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers to see what’s been going on then join us back here tonight to share your thoughts on the latest BBCAN2 action.

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  1. I hope Jon leaves his nominations the way they are & doesn’t have a change of heart to use the Veto on one of the gremlins! They with need to go! I’m sick of listening to Sabrina & Rachelle’s rants about everyone in the house. They think they’re so good & everyone else is mean. I hope B.B. saves their own video clips so that they can see the way they behaved in the house. I think Sabrina needs a wakeup call to see how she was like in the house!

    • Unfortunately this is not something we will see tonight. I can’t wait to see this whole thing unfold.

  2. So apparently, Kenny isn’t in Jury? He has been interviewed so the person evicted this week will be the first jury member.

  3. Adel should not have said Sabrina is against religion. He just ruined the show for me. Those kind of lies destroy the integrity of the show. Boo Adel you suck!!

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