Big Brother Canada 2: Week 4 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada 2 is on Slice tonight at 9PM ET/PT with the latest of what’s going on inside that BBCAN house with Thursday’s Head of Household Competition and then Nomination Ceremony to see who is in charge and who is on the block.

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Last week’s show ended with the start of the endurance comp where HGs had to stand at a podium, resist being pulled back, and keep their hands on their buttons.

Inside the house has been shifting its target to a surprising selection and with the Veto competition wrapped up we could see some interesting results.

If you can’t wait until tonight check out the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers to see what’s been going on then join us back here tonight to share your thoughts on the latest BBCAN2 action.

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  1. The girls keep shooting themselves in the foot. Hopefully they run out of bullets before the game is over.

    • By bullets, I take it you mean “girls”. At this point, the gang up on the girls by each other is so great, half the guys probably already realize the best strategy is to just start throwing HoH comps to the girls, knowing they’ll go after each other, and avoiding blood on their hands altogether.

      Mark my words, even if Sarah, Sabrina, or even Alison win HoH next week, they’ll STILL go after other girls. I’m pretty sure only Neda has the balls to make a move on the power team.

      • I agree. I expect that completely from Sarah or Sabrina. As for Alison, i’m soooo disappointed. If she’s going to make a bold move, now is the time. A true superfan, as she claims to be, would know instinctively to not have a showmance that puts a target on your back. Unless she has some plan she’s not revealing, i’ve lost all confidence in her. Just another girl to be picked off when the First Five chooses.

        • I actually disagree. I feel she’s going to inadvertently cause the break of the First 5. Andrew is falling for her hard, and I feel when it comes time to choose between Allison and the First 5, he’ll ultimately chose her. I feel Allison will outlast Andrew in this game, despite the katty girl behavior.

          • I sincerely hope you are right. But i was basing my opinion on this mornings feeds. Sabrina told Andrew that Allison and Jon have an alliance. He believed her and said he was going to play her for all she’s worth. Plus he agreed with Sabrina that Alison should go next week. So i’m not really sure how things will play out but the next DRs should tell us a lot.

  2. Bye-bye stupid girls alliance. This nominations just doesn’t make any sense..and to backdoor Ika?..Unbelievable !

  3. Okay who is this Ika girl? Is she new did she just enter the house? Because it can’t be the same person who was HOH last week because she’s telling Sabrina and us in the diary room about how stupid it would be not to put up the really strong players and how silly it would be to put up Heather he twit. What!?! Did she not do that last week herself, i believe it was Adel who was trying to tell her the same exact thing she’s telling Sabrina now.
    She talks tough but she appears to have short term memory loss.
    What the hell?!?

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