Marsha The Moose Returns To Big Brother Canada

Marsha the Moose - Big Brother Canada 2

Last week on Big Brother Canada we learned that viewers could unlock a surprise mission featuring Marsha The Moose if they reached two million points for various online activities. It didn’t take long for viewers to rack up those points and set that crazy moose on the loose.

One HG was on the receiving end of the mission on Sunday inside the house. Read on for the spoilers to find out more of what was going on and if that HG was successful in the challenge.

Production wisely picked Arlie for the latest visit by Marsha The Moose. His challenge was to go around the Big Brother Canada house and have weird conversations with other HGs in what seems like an attempt to be rude or insult them, but make up at the end.

Arlie gets Adel to apologize for pissing him off with too much noise at night when he’s trying to sleep. He gets Kenny to apologize for making Arlie feel dumb. Then he works on Andrew and says Andrew talks over him and it makes him mad. Rachelle learns from Arlie that she acts like a bitch to him. Arlie goes around and does this sort of thing with everyone.

Ya know, I hope Arlie is getting lots of cash for these tasks because I think it’d be a real danger to your game to have to play these pranks even when they later find out it was a joke.

Later Arlie gets called back to the DR where he learns he completed his task. Success! Now we have to wait and see what Arlie earned for the house with that Marsha The Moose mission.