Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

It was a late night Power of Veto competition in the Big Brother Canada house for these HGs and it turns out to have been one of my favorites: Prizes & Punishments!

Read on for the latest spoilers on the PoV and what the HGs are planning to do next. These events won’t air until Wednesday if you’re waiting for just the show’s schedule.

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Jon, Kenny, and Sarah joined Rachelle as HoH and the nominees, Allison and Heather.

Allison won the Power of Veto after it sounds like Heather passed up on the opportunity. Though if it was a trade-up / steal situation then Heather might have figured it’d be taken away anyways.

As for punishments and prizes, Heather has to do lots of walking each day. Jon has to swim laps on command. Rachelle has to wear a costume.

On the plus side, Kenny won a few bucks and Sarah got a slop pass. So nothing too great, but “okay” is better than a penguin suit, right?

When it comes time for the Veto Ceremony you better believe Allison will use it and save herself from the block. So who goes up in her place?

The girls are working on a backdoor plan for Ika. Yep. So quick to turn on their own. I can’t wait to watch this all go down!


  1. The last two HOH’s were an utter waste. Ika can only blame herself for going. I think these reality shows were much better until they became popular and the “fly under the radar”, “vote with the house”, “it’s too soon to make a big move” mentality set in. They need to cast people that actually have personality and are willing to take some heat from other players. Rachelle is bordering on zombielike behavior and Sabrina is velcroed to her. I can’t wait to see Rachelle and Sabrina go next

  2. Gosh, this gilrs are soooo dumb!!!

    They are playing the guys game, and think they have power!!! (Sabrina is the most delusional! hahahaha)

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