Big Brother Canada 2: Veto Plans For Week 4

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

Later today in the Big Brother Canada house the HGs will gather around for this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony. The winner of the Veto will announce if it will be used or not before the Head of Household has to decide what to do about all that.

Read on if you want the Veto spoilers on what we hear could be happening at today’s Veto meeting.

The Veto is definitely going to be used at the Ceremony. Allison won it during the competition on Saturday and she’s on the block so it’s a no-brainer.

Once Allison comes down Rachelle will have to name a renom and as crazy as it sounds there’s been a push for Ika to be the one going up and then going home.

This definitely sounds crazy and we’ll have to keep watching to see if that renom really happens and who ends up being the main target this week. If Heather survives another week she could be on her way to becoming the new Spencer-Pawn.

What do you think of Ika as a renom? Who would you put up in Allison’s place if you were HoH?


  1. I would love to see Ika go up and go home!!!!! She was HOH last week and did not nominate the guys she is pushing Rachelle to nominate this week. Sabrina was right when she said in the DR that Ika had the chance last week so where does she get off pushing Rachelle to nominate them this week!!

  2. If i was In that house and was HOH i would have put up andrew and allison and whichever one came off the block, kenny or sabrina would be going up for sure….. Rachelle is a idot if she puts up Ika because rachelle and neda and adel will be number 1 targets next week.

  3. Ika missed her chance. Now she has a case of the should’a, would’a, could’a. No matter how clearly she sees things now, i believe her number is up. Rochelle needs to play her own game and not Sabrinas. Trouble is, she doesn’t have one. The first rule of thumb in the BB house is – trust NO ONE! They are not sorority sisters with a common goal. But the girls are fine examples of the movie “Clueless”.

  4. Ika has to go, I am tired of listening to her whinning and crying she screwed up, time for her to go home tired of listening to her annoying voice as well goodbye Ika.

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