Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Who Won HoH Last Night?

Another week of Big Brother Canada holding out on us. Thursday’s episode ended before the conclusion of the second Head of Household competition so we were waiting for the Live Feeds to reveal what was going on inside the house. Finally the Feeds returned from the competition and we now know who won HoH.

Heather shows off her talent

With Sarah and Kenny out the door everyone left but Neda, the outgoing Head of Household, were allowed to play in the competition. The players had to use a balancing board to roll six balls in to small dugouts in the board. It’s like that labyrinth game where you roll the marble through the maze. Yeah, I’d hate it.

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So who pulled off the win? Read on for the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers

Jon is the new Head of Household!

Jon on Big Brother Canada
Jon on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

What do you think of these results? Are you happy with who won HoH and who do you think will be going up on the block? We’ll likely get those nominations on Saturday.


  1. It would only be fard to let Canada be HOH again and nominate 2 more people. Now because of the first vote we ard one sided again. Big disappointment with Big Brothef this year.

  2. Big brother rocks !! Love the drama and scandal that goes on, it’s all a mind game !! Hoping a guy wins this season of Big Brother !

  3. That was the most predictable night of BB ever. My two favorite people in the house are now out before jury even. Sabrina is a wreck though so as far as alliances are concerned the remnants of the F5 was a disaster. If Sabrina doesn’t cause a meltdown this week and leave a hole in the ground where the house stands it will be interesting to see the SS alliance start to eat itself. Who do a root for though now? Arghhh.

  4. They should make Canada HOH to throw the whole house off and then they will have no choice but to make new alliance, just a thought as it isn’t really fair up to this point and they need another bold move and quick:-)

  5. The season when the network decided not to let the players play and when labeling people the bullies justifies bullying by the so called victims. Typical of our society. Making those who are left appear to be players when really, their game play has been shite and the only reason they aren’t the ones at home: The sheer numbers of sheep who will now be going to jury. Heather, Alison and Adel will find out they will be leaving the game no later than they would have without Canada taking down the first 5 in a house where no one else would or could. Was never a fan of Andrew, but it should have been the players, not Canada, to step up, expose & take down the 1st Five. Taking out Kenny at this point was dumb. He was stripped of his alliance mates and has been generally a non-threat in competitions. If Neda were a real player she would have named Arlie the replacement nominee and the house should have evicted, him. The SS would still have the numbers but they would not have merely substituted Arlie and Jon for Kenny and Andrew. With Arlie out, the sheep would have had a much better shot at winning… instead they simply wait for their turn to be evicted at essentially the same point in the game they would have before. Faux drama. Faux game changing moves. Fake show made even more fake. Production makes BBC not worth watching.

    • and dumb house guests who are too dumb to recognize, identify and make moves that will actually help themselves win… so dumb they think they are smart.

    • Your argument and analysis of this game is extremely flawed. You imply that the “first five” are real players, yet you call the sloppy seconds dumb for taking out Kenny because he’s a “non-threat in competitions,” and by the way, someone calling Kenny a non-threat must be delusional. Also, Canada didn’t take down the First Five. You say that as if Canada had the chance to be HOH for 3 weeks in a row and put up the first five as nominations each week. All Canada did was nominate two players that they hated individually, and not because of their alliance. After that, Canada did absolutely nothing, yet the First Five continued losing and being sent home. Why? Because the other side of the house took advantage of it and COMPETED to get them out. Stop blaming Canada for your favorite alliances horrible game play. What makes you think the First Five were good players? Collectively, they only won one HOH… and Sabrina thought she could manipulate people yet when it came down to saving her alliance, she couldn’t do anything.. you call that a good player?

      • “Canada” as HOH was a sham. The BB production team like their twists and they like to make them happen just they way they planned. The script was written long before a vote was cast. Again, they have picked a player to help out (Alison), picked to enter the game, immunity her first week, ultimately GIVEN this ‘hidden’ power of veto…

          • It’s only a Veto ticket, when they draw players, if he doesn’t get picked, he can kick someone off and take their place. He still has it, but has very few weeks to use it remaining, and now that his alliance is the majority, he’ll likely never will use it, which is probably the best thing he could do to keep his lies in check.

        • A great amount of the peole at the time lamented their hatred of Sabrina and Andrew. I was close to ignoring the show because I really don’t want to see ignorant people bashing the other side 90% of the time.

      • Perhaps the analysis is not as flawed as the interpretation. The first five were merely the most prominent, visibly active and productive in the ‘removing players’ aspect of the game and the rest of the house, despite their rhetoric, could not (no guts), did not and would not go after them. Kenny didn’t win competitions, his social game was weak as combined with his inability to read people… there was no way he was getting ‘in’ with anyone such that he would be able to move on and ‘win’ this game. He was marked. He was done. You keep him around as a lap dog who begs for your scraps and a roof over his head.
        Kenny and Andrew were house targets since week one. It took Canada to nominate a combination that could guarantee one of the biggest targets would go home. The house did not have the knowledge to nominate the right combination to succeed in getting rid of Andrew or Kenny (proven in prior weeks). No one in the house was prepared to take the blood and become a target. Let alone figure out how to get the job done.
        After Andrew’s eviction, the alliance imploded becoming authors of their own fate thereafter. The first five was never my favourite alliance. I clearly stated I was no fan of Andrew (could just as easily have said “no fan of any of the first five”). Nowhere was it said or implied in the original post the first five were good players. They were effective in the process of eliminating their targets. The entire point was to let the players play.
        That said: Doing what ever it takes to survive is hardly game play. Just as instinct is not intelligence. The SS were fortunate to fall into bed together and unite in a common goal but true game play and intelligence is knowing when and how to get out. Even the name signifies that this is an alliance that was formed without really wanting to get together. Jon and Arlie have merely replaced Andrew and Kenny while the rest of the house only has an impression of improved standing. A real thoughtful game player might have seen it coming and weakened both sides instead of cleaning house and getting rid of players that are bad for Jon and Arlie’s games but are potential allies for the rest of the sheep who have no plan to be around at the end but just hope they end up there.

    • I agree with most of your points. Heather gets under my skin to the point I don’t want to watch bbc now or in the future!!

    • You said Kenny wasn’t a threat? As of yesterdays episode going live, I might be incorrect, but I believe Kenny was the only person still in the house to have actually won more than a single competition. Statistically, that makes him the biggest threat.

      I won’t lie, I’m sad to see him go, but not sad to see the game finally being played.

      • Technically, yes Kenny was the only remaining house guest to have 2 wins up until then (Andrew & Ika having been evicted with 2 wins).. 4 other house guests with 1 win (until Jon got his 2nd)… not exactly a dominant threat given that he was actually trying to win every competition he was in (his own words about being competitive and out to win the competitions) as opposed to so many others who were throwing competitions (their words).
        If being a threat were exclisively competitions Kenny wasn’t much of one… add tht to his standings in the house, his social game and his weakness at reading people… Kenny was not much of a threat beyond his how he looked.

  6. I am just curious on who agrees with me on some these comments of mine. First I just cant stand fake hi pitch voices, its annoying, distracting and not necessary, I think we all know who I am talking about, this thing thinks she is a gift of beauty to all men and of course all viewers will just love her for looks and game play, lol lol wrong, just the opposite in my view. There is no reason for her to speak using that voice, and now it has become a habit. I could go on and on about her fake squeak but I wont bore everyone like she does with her personality. Next who does Arlie think he is ?? After seeing his intro clip about how he thinks he is so good looking and has this game all wrapped up, he instantly became extremely unappealing and looks scary when he rants and raves about how wonderful he is playing this game, But its just the opposite what a turn off!!! Most of the girls with the exception of Allison think they are beauty queens and that’s all it will take to win bbc, well, sorry to break the news girls, not so this just makes the game so boring to watch and if I have to see Rochelle one more time flipping and twirling her hair while she stares at her self in the mirror, while she brags about herself on how the entire viewing audience is in love with her I am going to puke!!! All she does is carbon copy wording from other players from bb usa and of course bbc s 1 (ie to better my game, for my hoh………….) just stuff we have all heard a million times over and over and nothing she says is original from her own vocabulary. This is a sign of a looser big time!!!! I think my opinion on the others could get lengthy cause they are all mostly down hill comments for the rest with the exception of Allison, who I think should take home the prize!!! She is down to earth, smart and knows how to play this game, she is fairly entertaining to watch when she gets in her game mode. Thx for taking time out to read this (lol lol) long comment,

  7. We, Canada put up Andrew which essentially was the demise of the first 5! And I like the first 5. Sarah and Kenny where my favorite! Now the sloppy seconds are running the house, so now Canada should be HOH again and pick two more players to go up. I pick Arlie & Heather! !! I think he has become overconfident and conceited! & she just drives a little crazy. And he ran to the other side of the house as soon as there was threat to his alliance. We forget that the sloppy seconds (A few) were bullies! I know most are gone, but a few still remain. I like drama and good gameplay, not easy gameplay! These “big moves”, haven’t really been made! Nobody is blind sided or shocked when they leave. I hate that they are also lovey dovey and tell each other when they’re voting you out! Play with their heads, make them think they’re staying, Big Brother Canada needs way more excitement! I have watched Big Brother since day one and this is the first big brother I am NOT so excited to watch. It’s truly very boring! no wonder the rest of the world makes fun of Canada being so lovey!! Thank God for Jon And Adel & even Allison!! at least they are all somewhat entertaining, I am seriously so bored with big brother! And like I was saying I truly hate that they made Canada HOH! they should have waited until further along in the game to make us HOH, stir the pot later on when people are more sick of each other and when alliances are starting to break. They did it at a terrible time, and two good people went home tonight! 🙁

    • I sort of agree with the timing of the C HOH but I think it is already a pre-set schedule, ya so its to bad its not just random!! Only Slice can change this. I used to work for a tv station so I know a bit about the ins and the outs,

  8. I am very disappointed in big brother all the good players gone the people who should have won.Done watching this season can not take another week of John graping himself.Man this guy is rude I think he needs to see A Dr something wrong with him down there or he need to learn manner.I have 3 boys and they do not grap themself maybe his mom should have taught him u do that in private in a bathroom.

  9. This season is boring because of the Canada head of household week. Let the players play. Canada upset the balance and now the losers are winning. BORING!!!

    • I kinda like that twist. It puts a new fresh spin on the ol’ format. Plus the game was pretty much stagnant with the First 5 and the rest of the house basically being picked off one by one. Would you rather have more weeks of just about everyone voting with the house like BB15?

      The Canada HOH week allows a much-overdue shake-up so that the rest of the house can finally play the game the way that it should be.

      • Canada played for them. Now the losers have banded together not based on their own game playing ability. They are still weaker players and the strong gamers are gone. Great move BB and Canada. You ruined the GAME.

        • Better than having strong physical players run the game from start to finish. That’d be just plain predictable.

        • In addition though, you may have equate “strong” with a player’s ability to win in competitions. If we’re basing it on that then everyone who has won a competition, including those outside the original F5 alliance can be called as such.

          There will always be twists and turns in the game of Big Brother. Heck, it’s called “Big Brother” for a reason. It’s his house so everyone must play to his rules, no.1 being “expect the unexpected”. It will all depend on how players react to such twists and find ways to re-adjust their strategies so it would all worked out for them.

          Has there been a season in the American Big Brother since Season 2 where production did not interfere?

  10. So many people are complaining that the First 5 are pretty much done, but this is where the game actually starts to get exciting. Anytime there are more people in an alliance then there are possible nominations (in the event Sabrina or Rachelle win Veto, assuming they go up) the alliances start to implode. I’ve never been a fan of one side of the house dominating the other, THIS part is what I enjoy. Who does Jon put up as a potential 3rd nomination, and more importantly, who goes up NEXT week?

    • We complain about production getting involves! Not the same thing! It gonna be Rachel next week and then the outcast of other alliance (Alison, Arlie) and then a boring race to the finish. Hope Jon win, would be funny that they a help a guy who always grab his balls to win! And that one the rare interesting houseguest left…

      • I only like Production interference if it’s benefiting the players I’m rooting for.That’s fair. Otherwise…I agree with you, it’s unfair

  11. I am NOT disappointed with this season at all. I’m looking forward to seeing this 6 member alliance fight against each other. There are already signs of anticipations of some players within the group watch and enjoy.

    • I agree! I hate when people complain about the outcome because it’s not the way they wanted it to go or their favourites are gone. Just enjoy the rest of the season, it’s been great!

      • LoL Latifah, you and your friends are always the first ones to complain about the outcome when its doesn’t go your way like when the first Five was in power situation. Give me a break…

        • I never complain. I dislike some of the house guests but I never said I didn’t like watching BB or would stop watching or insult BB production because of it. I didn’t like the First 5 not because of them controlling the house but because of the people in it. Mainly, Andrew and Sabrina. I would never want those two to be able to bully people and make it far.

    • My problem with this season is that none of the twists were as interesting or amazing as BBUS’ last few seasons.
      I do appreciate how much they strive to make their situations interesting though. Sarah as the manors cop was hilarious.

      • The twist for BB15 was pretty lame though. The idea of a Big Brother MVP putting up a third nominee is good on paper but the execution was crap.

        But the weekly tasks and the individual secret tasks are fun to watch in the Canadian side.

        • If anything, the execution was better than what was thought of on paper, because Elissa was used as a strategic weapon, than just another competitor

          • I think it would have been a lot better if Elissa was not allowed to tell anyone she was the MVP with a penalty attached to it if violated.

            Practically all of the HG’s outside of her alliance pretty much guessed that she was behind the third nominations.

      • There’s so many factors that can affect the success of a season. From wrong cast, bad twists.etc.etc The outcome is really unpredictable. I’m a big fan of US/BB. They have hits and a lot of misses too. This is the 2nd series of BBCan and I think this is waaay better the first one.

    • Maybe not! This is where things get interesting because after the Sloppy Seconds’ alliance gets rid of the gremlins they’ll start to turn on each other. It looks like all rainbows and butterflies but it won’t be for long! Jon has even been talking to Rachelle and Sabrina so anything can happen.

  12. All of the contestants selected have the same personalities, except Allison. None of them are different, all of them are playing like robots by just copying what they have watched on the usa bb and season 1 of bb c. So they all say the same things do the same things, especially Rochelle. So I think this is why it is so boring and viewers are getting upset. Everyone wants variety, complication, just down right honest to goodness game play like they have never seen before ever!!! Otherwise BBC is going to get real old real fast, its no wonder none of the American Stations don’t want to pickup this Canadian show in order to air it!!

    • Canadian reality shows don’t really get to air stateside unless there is really market for Canada to export their TV shows for international syndication.

  13. Rigged. Rigged. Rigged.

    I lost all credibility with this show when they allowed the audience to be HOH…the people who see everything, including diary. IMO, Slice didn’t like the side of the house that was controlling the game – in a respectful manner I may add; Sabrina was playing the game well, as was Kenny. So what does Slice do because the odds aren’t in their favour for the minority group? Cheat. Edit the show to make certain people (Andrew and Sabrina) look bad and pretty much guarantee that people would vote out of a popularity contest and not on who is playing the game well.

    I suspect Jon’s game board for this HOH comp had stronger magnets in the holes to hold his balls there. He was at 3 or 4 after when the show ended while everyone else had 0 or 1. I highly doubt one person would be significantly better at this game in that short amount of time (60-90 seconds does not allow you to get good at such a task with no prior practice).

    BB US has production influence and obvious favoritism but in watching the 14 seasons I’ve never witnessed any blatantly obvious rigging or rules changing such as I’ve seen in these 2 seasons of BB Canada

  14. Really disappointed in BB this year. BB didn’t like the game being one sided so they let Canada vote and now it is back to being one sided. Boring boring boring. Moving on to another show.

  15. Sabrina is a sore loser She was all happy before but now”I DONT WANT TO PLAY WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE SO MEAN” IVE NEVER MET PEOPLE SO MEAN!” Someone cant stand not being on the winning side

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