Big Brother Canada 2 Houseguests Camp Out [PICS]

Big Brother sent the BBCAN2 HGs “outside” for the night that left them camping in the backyard and crashing in sleeping bags for the night.

Big Brother Canada HGs camp out

After last night’s “O Canada” the HGs went up to the HoH room and found a collection of Big Brother Canada gear for a slumber party. They immediately tried them on and got ready for a night out back.

No official word on “why?” but with the HGs cleared out production could have been fixing issues or setting up another twist. When Adel returned to their room this morning the place was still a complete mess and there were no glaring changes.

Check out these pics of the HGs lounging around in the backyard. The HGs had lots of fun changing things up for the night and spent the evening taking pictures together, telling stories, and Rachelle couldn’t stop playing with Kenny’s hair. Maybe he won’t want to share his personal life with all the HGs just yet if he’s getting some game-helping attention.

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  1. Kenny already shared his secret with Sarah (interesting convo). But they decided not to tell the others for the moment. Seeing as how Rochelle has remained expressionless throughout, we might actually get to see her face form the actual expression of surprise when Kenny does his big reveal to her. Either that or one of embarrassment. Or maybe both.

    • Yep yep. I agree. That was what I was going at in a round about way. He’s told Sarah, but maybe he should hold back on telling others if the girls are infatuated with him enough to keep him safe, etc. Showmance “love” has made BB HGs do wild & crazy things for sure!

      And yeah, it’d be interested to see some sort of emotion out of the robotic Rachelle!

  2. I’m guessing they cleared out the house so they could hide the “hidden power of veto” somewhere in the house.

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