Big Brother Canada 2: Eviction Prediction – Week 3

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Right about now in the Big Brother Canada house the HGs are facing their next “Live, Not Live” eviction where either Paul or Heather will be evicted. Big Brother gave them the heads up around 1PM ET that they had just four hours until the “live” eviction would be taped and aired later so that puts the action to right about now.

So who is going to be evicted tonight on BBCAN2? It seems like things were going back and forth all week with Heather being the target for one group and Paul for the other. Finally things started to settle out and we learned where everyone’s heads were at. This could actually end up being a blindside for at least a few HGs.

Ika thinks Heather will be evicted even if she’s the one breaking an expected tie, but that’s not going to happen from what we’re hearing in there. Instead Paul will be evicted and Ika won’t even get the chance to get involved.

Paul leaving will break Adel off from that toxic alliance and let him form up with a few new HGs which he desperately needs to get stronger in this game.

We’ll be back here tonight at 9PM ET to live blog tonight’s Big Brother Canada results show so be sure to join us then for the fun!


  1. Ughh I really want Paul to stay (even tho I love Heather) only because I dont want Andrew & Kenny to get their wish… Hopefully Adel wins HoH

    • the vote likely going to be 6 to 4 or 7 to 3 for paul to be axed from the house… looks like heather has one more week in the house…. damn, it sucks… I was really hoping that andrew wasn’t going to get his way but looks like the “KING” always wins..:(:(

    • I adore how Adel is maintaining it. It can be so easy to sell yourself to everyone like Paul did, but Adel is sticking to Ika, and he’s fun to watch

  2. i think Kenny is really the one running the show but letting Andrew take the heat… but i like Kenny. he’s smart! and i really like Allison… i hope she steps it up.

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