Big Brother Canada 2 – Week 3 Eviction Show Tonight

Another HouseGuest will be evicted tonight on Big Brother Canada 2 when the remaining HGs head to the Diary Room and reveal their votes. Will Heather or Paul be the one to go when the dust settles?

Big Brother Canada 2 evicted HGs
Big Brother Canada 2 evicted HGs – Source: @ArisaCox

As lame as these nominees are considering Ika’s other options there’s actually been a lot of back and forth over who will be sent home. The girls are going after Heather while the gang of guys want to see Paul out of the house. Then you’ve got a few in-betweens floating around and flipping their votes. This should be good.

We’ll keep an eye on which way the HGs are leaning, but it seems like Paul might be surviving another week at last check. Crazy to think Heather could be going except when you remember on BBUS the woman model goes home early and often so there’s that.

Update: Listening in this morning we’re back to Paul being evicted. Heather should be safe after all. Ika thinks it could be a tie that she’d break, but there shouldn’t be a chance for her to get involved at this rate.

Which way do you think tonight’s eviction will go? Then maybe the bigger question: who do you want to win Head of Household on tonight’s show?

See you back here tonight at 9PM ET for our live recap of the big show!

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  1. Paul will be voted out by a vote of either 6 to 4 or 7 to 3 because it looks like allision and sarah going with the boys, and sarbina well she is hard to read but doesn’t really matter how she votes.

  2. I’m hoping Heather goes instead of Paul. Why? Because Paul is a thorn in the side of Andrew. Anything that irritates this guy is ok by me. Andrew thinks he’s king of the castle and no one should question the king. I want to see him squirm.

        • Most fans like their kings and queens humble but strategic. This in no way, shape or form describes Andrew. Just my opinion but i think Kenny is the only one so far that strategizes with a little thought and a whole lot of sneakiness. Sabrina – who i cannot stand because of her constant chatter – could be a force to be reckoned with. But her mouthiness will be her downfall. In a way i agree with you. We don’t need a new king. We need someone floating under the radar to bust the game wide open. To stage a coup. Someone strategic and who doesn’t need a crown of gold to get respect from the fans. Any candidates you can think of?

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