Meet Willow MacDonald, the 26-year old tomboy from Nova Scotia with the plan to have no plan when it comes to surviving the Big Brother Canada 3 cast.

Willow MacDonald - Brother Brother Canada 3 Houseguest

Having watched Big Brother for the past ten years Willow will be no stranger to the game when she walks through those doors on the BBCAN3 premiere in March. She knows she’ll be fending off competition from both the men and women but keeps in mind that the women could be easily underestimated and that may be her advantage.

This sales & marketing rep who recently moved to Calgary considers herself energetic, spontaneous, and impulsive which has the potential to make her a fun Houseguest to follow on Big Brother Canada.

If Willow MacDonald wins Big Brother she’ll use her earnings on her big family and try to get some traveling in too. Since she’s never been to Disneyland it’s high on her list of destinations.

Willow’s plan is to align with cooler minds to help offset her impulsive nature because she warns that two Willows could end up being a destructive force on Big Brother Canada 3. Sounds promising!