Why Claudia Campbell Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada 11

Big Brother Canada 11 Claudia Campbell

As our series continues, we’ll look at the game of Claudia Campbell. We already examined Ty’s game. He’s been a dominant force all Big Brother Canada 11, while Claudia has been his number one ally and enemy in any given week. Claudia hasn’t played a quiet game but she hasn’t been in the forefront as much as Ty. This is both a good aspect of her Big Brother Canada 11 game and one that some houseguests may see as a weakness. 

Claudia’s biggest strength is that she built relationships that allowed her to get this far in the game. She had her ride-or-die Girlie Pops all season long. Then she had a pretty good relationship with players like Daniel C and Jonathan. She also wasn’t really on people’s radar as someone who needed to go until the numbers started to dwindle to the single digits. 

Claudia also won three competitions this season. This may not seem like a lot, but she won the second most after Ty. Additionally, in general, Claudia has not really done anything offensive to make the jury hate her. That may seem like the bare minimum but compared to Ty’s sloppy jury management, she’s been handling that aspect pretty well, with a few exceptions. 

On the other hand, Claudia also hasn’t really done much to make the jury love her. She hasn’t had any strategic maneuvers that the houseguests would cheer her for doing…unless she makes the ultimate big move. 

Big Brother Canada 11 Claudia

If Claudia wins the final Head of Household and cuts Ty, she wins the game. She would have slayed the comp beast that is Ty. She could also spin all her moves as a way to manipulate Ty into getting her to the end. However, with her recent Power of Veto win, she could also argue that she got herself there because she won enough competitions and curated enough strong bonds to secure her spot in the end.  

Nevertheless, I am not quite sure Claudia has the guts to pull that move to cut Ty at the final three. If she does, she will win a lot of respect from the Big Brother Canada 11 jury. 

Claudia also knew how to pivot when necessary. She saw that she couldn’t get Ty out because of his competition wins. Therefore, she decided to team up with him. This ended up helping her because he saved her in the final five with the Veto. They then became a dynamic duo winning the HOH and Veto in the final four. They could also win both parts of the final HOH and really show themselves as a power couple. Their relationship transformed from combative to collaborative.

This decision to change course has probably made it so that Ty will likely take her to the end because he now respects her game and maybe wants the glory of being the first Big Brother Canada showmance to make it to the end together. 

There are a few things that could hurt Claudia’s potential to win the game. First, Claudia doesn’t have too many great resume moves. She used her first Head of Household to get Hope out of the game. Hope doesn’t really seem like that much of a threat. Yeah, there was the possibility he could have won some competitions, but he only had one major win under his belt.

Then during her next HOH, she took out one of her allies, Shanaya. Obviously, she decided to take these players out only after Ty’s Power of Veto wins made her rethink her plans. But, she could have easily spared Shanaya and Renee that HOH by just nominating Ty at the start. He would have won Veto but then she could have just nominated Daniel and took out Anika. Both of her HOH plans in some way were influenced by Ty. He won Veto and caused her to change her course of action.

Claudia also didn’t really help Renee stay in the house during the final five. She voted for her to stay but it didn’t seem like she really fought for her to make it further. Ty is stubborn, so it may have been like talking to the wall to try to save Claudia, and without Live Feeds, we really can’t say what she did or didn’t do to help keep Renee that week. We can only say that we didn’t see her do much. 

For the first half of the game, many players, a lot of them on the jury, viewed the Girlie Pops as players not really doing anything. They saw them as just being lucky to make it that far because no one saw them as a real threat. However, they then began to win competitions but didn’t do much with those wins. The biggest player they got out was Kuzie, but that’s a Renee resume move and not a Claudia one. 

It’ll also be interesting to see how the jury views Ty and Claudia’s relationship in the game. Do they see it as an equal partnership or do they believe that Ty kind of carried her? She won the last Veto on her own, but she wouldn’t have survived the previous week if Ty didn’t save her with the Veto. 

If Ty wins the final Head of Household and takes Claudia to the end, it may look like another instance where he brought Claudia along and not her making a move to get herself to the end. Ty has alienated himself from quite a few jury members, so Claudia could definitely use that to her advantage. 

Claudia had a pretty good social game, won a respectable amount of competitions, and managed to make it this far after being the target a couple of times. If Claudia makes the bold move to cut Ty, then the game might be hers. Even if she doesn’t, she may have made enough strong relationships to win the game. 

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