Who Should Win Big Brother Canada 11 (POLL)

We spent the last few days discussing Ty, Claudia, and Daniel’s Big Brother Canada 11 games. None of them played a flawless game where you can easily say, if they make it to the end, then they deserve to win. Each had some major blunders, like Ty just not communicating with people in a compassionate and empathetic manner before sending them to the jury house. Claudia let Ty basically take control of the game after the double eviction. It worked in her favor but allowed him to take out two of her closest allies, three if you count Jonathan. Daniel let others, especially Kuzie, make most of the game decisions. 

This meant that people can’t really pinpoint a move that was Daniel’s major Big Brother Canada 11 move. Then each has something commendable in their game. Ty was at the bottom but fought his way to the finals all by himself. Claudia adapted when necessary and that allowed her to survive while others left the game. She also had a fairly good social game, which allowed her to control her side. She also won a respectable amount of competitions. If she cuts Ty at the end, people will call her the ultimate Big Brother Canada girl boss. Daniel built strong social bonds that helped Kuzie, him, and Anika form more allies beyond themselves. 

Even though it was Kuzie’s idea, Daniel won the Veto that allowed him to make Ty want to work with him. That one decision and action has allowed him to survive for such a long time. He was also so likable that it took a while for him to hit the Block. If he cuts Ty, he will gain a lot of much-needed respect from the jury. 

Another major factor in determining the winner is who the jury wants to represent Big Brother Canada 11. Do they want the competition beast who wasn’t the nicest player? Do they want the strong strategic and social player who kept her alliance far until she pivoted for her own game? Do they want the social butterfly who didn’t make a splash in the game but kept himself safe from just being likable? 

We’ll have to wait until tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 finale to see who actually wins the game, but for now, let us know who you think should win by voting in our poll below. 

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