Which Secret HG Should Enter Big Brother Canada 2?

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 2 the 15th HG will be revealed when host Arisa Cox announces the results of your votes from the past week. Either Scott, Nate, or Allison will be heading inside to join the other HGs as part of the season’s twists.

Secret HGs on Big Brother Canada 2
Secret HGs on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

Over the past week each of the three “Secret HGs” have been living in one small room where they wait and wait and wait. There’s been plenty of booze and a few excursions to the bathroom along the way, but that can’t have been a fun week for them.

During that time they’ve been campaigning, either actively or passively, for Canada’s votes to be the one sent inside the game. As for who goes inside, well I’m hoping for Allison since she’s a die-hard Big Brother fan and those ladies could use a strong leader. Scott/Contessa wouldn’t be a drag either (*rimshot*), but I’m thinking Allison knows better how the game has to be played. As for Nate, sorry Nate, you seem like a very nice guy but I don’t see a lot coming from him inside that house.

Who do you want to see become the 15th HG for BBCAN2?

We’ll be live blogging tonight’s results show, so be sure to join us as we find out which secret HG will enter Big Brother Canada 2.

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