Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Nominations In Week 4

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the Head of Household competition cliffhanger is resolved when we watch one pair complete the challenge and decide which of them would be the new HoH.

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Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

The new HoH will be tasked with picking nominations for the week and after a string of three women sent packing maybe it’s finally time for a guy to go? Well, we’ll see about that.

It’s been a pretty busy few days inside the BBCAN house and we’ve had some good drama on the Feeds with the results from the HoH comp, nominations, and even the Veto results. Should make for a few good episodes this week.

Can’t wait? We’ve got your noms and PoV spoilers here to get you caught up on the Live Feeds.

Join us back here tonight at 7PM ET for a live chat about the show and we’ll enjoy it together. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more Big Brother Canada coverage.


    • Suppose to be a draw. LOL Funny to me, would it be easier if they use their forehead instead of their mouth ?

      • what did I miss? Well, a lot as always LOL I come on here to find out info. What was that HN comp? From what I saw from a little bit of the big Brother After Dark, it looks like Kelsey Jared Raul? And possibly Tim? are the have-nots? I saw them talking about being drunk and Kelsey arguing with Dallas, what was that all about?

    • what was it? When did it happen? I saw Kelsey and Jared the other night setting up in the have not room, I assume they are have-nots? But that was a few days ago & that’s when I heard them talking about Kelsey getting into an argument with Dallas when they were drunk. Do you know what that was about? I miss so much LOL but really I just watch the episodes and come on here for info. I watch some of the BB After Dark but not three hours of it, too boring LOL hard to understand and hear. Close captioning is helpful though LOL

      • why would it be 90 mins plus a side show if it wasn’t a DE? they said wild card…. maybe someone coming back?

        • I’m wondering if we might have a comp with the first 4 evictee, like last year, and one will go back in.

          • I rewound it like 5 times and it sounds like they say 90 min “FAKE” DE what the heck is a fake DE?

          • that’s why they are awesome…. and calling the teams the red rockets and the blue berries! lol!!! lil male genitalia humor for your sunday night!

          • fake DE? Where did you hear that? That would be funny LOL I was hoping maybe a complete redo of the entire week. Big brother rewind? Arisa did say it was a twist they have never done before but then that could be a fake DE like you heard because that’s never been done before either.

          • I doubt that because Arisa I am pretty sure said a new twist. 90 minutes though so, wonder what that could be!?! somehow Kelsey & Raul stay?
            May be a big brother rewind? They redo the entire week? That would not be fair for Joel & some others but expect the unexpected right?

    • I never heard that at all. All I heard was another major twist that’s never been done. Did you hear that on the live show? Or the after show? Or where? LOL

    • Right away when the announcer guy said fake double eviction… I thought of the fake eviction they did in the UK where the person that was “evicted” moved into a secret room …watched the houseguests and just walked back in to make his own nominations… They maybe taking twists from the UK version…

    • I know right! They have placed them selves in a very comfortable position that’s for sure. I would have thought they would have been targeted early on but every season the BB HGS never seem to learn. Too trusting? I don’t know! I thought Tim and Nikki would have been early targets as well. I am happy all 4 are still around.

      • The brothers aren’t that much of a threat though. They only get 1 vote, only one of them plays.. basically the only thing they do is talk twice as much to people^^

        • I agree however it has to be in the back of the rest of the houseguests minds that may be a twist down the road will make their brothers be playing an individual game. Paranoia is always huge in the house. I like them though and I’m happy they are still there.

          • I have heard them talk about this on the live feeds. maybe they will be split with this fake DE… lol

          • honestly I don’t think they will eventually get a chance to play individually, it wouldn’t be fair because initially the house guests were all told they were playing together so they have never been a threat. The houseguests may have played a different game had the brothers been playing individually. So again I don’t think it would be fair but, I guess expect the unexpected.

        • I think they are a major threat if only because each brother is close to the other side of the house… they get all the info from both sides and you know they will tell each other everything… if they get split they might find themselves on opposite sides of the house which is very interesting.

      • I’m also surprised no one went after tim and nikki. they have played so much they are HUGE threats. Tim especially since i feel like he could win this whole thing. they are too afraid of becoming lovita.

        • I completely agree with you. I am very very surprised Nikki and Tim are as safe as they are and have yet to be targets. Tim especially, he’s very intelligent! although he does play a good role of pretending not to understanding the game and just having fun.
          I would have thought they were targets immediately but I like Tim and Nikki and I think Tim could win it for sure. and I would be OK with that.

  1. Arisa did say a twist never done before so could be anything. Where did some of you hear fake DE?
    something I was thinking never done before is a big brother rewind?!….. The whole week played out again. BB production could have that in their back pocket if they don’t want a certain houseguest evicted. And Kelsey is entertainment, although I don’t care for her much she does cause drama! so they could say never done before twist and use any twist they have in their back pocket and Jesse is it according to the week.

  2. and I briefly was watching big Brother After Dark the other night and I was hearing them talk about some argument Kelsey had with Dallas?? They were all drunk?? What was that about??

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