More Big Brother Canada 2 House Pics & Video Tour

There’s even more to discover in the Big Brother Canada 2 house today thanks to and a great video tour they shared during an exclusive tour as the house neared completion.

Big Brother Canada 2 start date announced

In the video below and the picture gallery to go with it we get a new angle at a lot of the rooms we had seen yesterday and now we even get a glimpse at both the Diary Room and the new HoH room. The latter was released yesterday as a follow-on to the initial release of BBCAN2 house pics.

There are now 85 cameras in the house. 85! That’s an increase from last year’s 78 cams and once again should be in High-Def (even if the show isn’t) unlike, ahem BBUS, some other Big Brother installments we love. Speaking of the cameras, we even get a very cool look behind the scenes at the hallways behind the walls.

Now get ready for Big Brother Canada 2 to start next Wednesday, March 5, 2014 on Slice!

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Watch – Big Brother Canada 2 House Tour:

Source: & Keith Beaty