HouseGuests Get ‘Mugged’ On Big Brother Canada 2 [PHOTOS]

HGs study mugshot pics on Big Brother Canada
HGs study mugshot pics on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

Big Brother Canada was putting their wall of screens to go use again today on the Live Feeds as the HGs gathered round to study fake mugshot pictures of all the HGs. While it seems obvious that this was for an upcoming competition several thought it was too close to today’s HoH comp, but that’s yet to be seen.

Each HG was shown with a booking date, booking number, location, and then various physical identifiers like tattoos, kisses, or colors. Big Brother cycled through the pictures for awhile before shutting the screens back off.

Afterward HGs gathered in various parts of the house to study together. Heather and Adel moved out to the hot tub and went over what they could remember but had several conflicts over what they thought had been shown. Oh I’d do terrible on this and it’d be all guesses.

Which HG do you think will have the best chance at memorizing and recalling all the right answers if this is the Head of Household competition tonight on Big Brother Canada?

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