36-year old Graig Merritt is ready to hide his past as a Major League Baseball player as he enters the Big Brother Canada 3 house where he hopes to win the $100K prize.

Graig Merritt - Brother Brother Canada 3 Houseguest

Graig considers himself passionate, emotional, and real which might be three attributes that don’t usually get you too far on Big Brother! Hopefully he’ll be able to avoid the emotions and being too real or he could find himself getting emotional with Arisa real soon.

Ready to start on BBCAN3 Graig has come prepared with a background story about working at Costco and being thirty because no one would possibly suspect a 30-year old Costco worker. It’s the 36-year old MLB scouts that are the real threats! So for whatever Merritt is looking to hid his past but he won’t hide his love for yoga so look for that on a daily basis.

As far as past Big Brother Canada Houseguests Graig Merritt idolizes we’ve got Adel from last season. Adel’s positive energy and outlook was inspiring for Graig and he hopes to repeat that inside the house but maybe without getting so carried away.