Big Brother Cananda 3: Week 1 Power Rankings


Big Brother Canada 3’s firsts all went down within the first two nights — HOH, nominations, veto and eviction — so even though it wasn’t the usual way a week of Big Brother plays out, enough happened to get to our first Power Rankings.

In the premiere, we learned that all the houseguests were the first HOH and they all had to nominate two people for eviction. Sindy and Risha were the the two with the most votes and after Sindy won the veto, she had to name a replacement. She chose Pilar.

So as you can see, this week’s rankings are going to be as random as the first few nights of Big Brother Canada 3. Expect them to shift greatly by week 2. Also, keep in mind that these rankings are based on the actual episodes and not the Live Feeds. So these rankings will not contain spoilers.

Now let’s get to the rankings.

1. Jordan. Right now Jordan is in a great spot. He’s got Zach as an ally, and together they broke the code to the vault that allowed the houseguests to get the house furniture, food and their belongings freed.

2. Zach. Like Jordan, Zach is in a good spot right out the gate. But it won’t take much for him to be a target if it becomes obvious he and Jordan are a pair.

3. Sarah. Right now I’m putting Sarah in at third place because she seems to be a fan favorite. And even though that might not keep her safe in the game, if Canada has more pull than ever before this season, that could be good for Sarah.

4. Bobby. Bobby seems to be very level-headed and will likely be a power player if he avoids making himself a target form playing too hard too fast.

5. Sindy. This is a tough one. Sindy rubbed everyone the wrong way and got herself nominated right away. For that, she should be in 14th place. But she did win veto and saved herself. So then she should probably be in about third place. But then she made a really stupid renomination (Pilar) instead of backdooring a physical threat. So that knocks her back down a few points.

6. Kevin. I like that Kevin took the risk of sabotaging the others when they were trying to get their stuff back. He got $1,000 out of it, which would make him a target if it weren’t secret. So for the simple fact that he showed us he has balls, he comes in 6th.

7. Pilar. Even though she was nominated, it was just by Sindy, and Pilar spent her time nominated wooing the others. In the end, she didn’t need their vote, but it seems like she’s in an OK spot right now.

8. Ashleigh. Now is when it gets tricky. Most of the remaining people have nothing that makes them stand out yet. So from 8-12, these are all interchangable. Ashleigh tops the list of these randoms because she seems funny and liable.

9. Britnee. She also seems like someone who will be able to play a good strategic game.

10. Naeha. Twitter seems to like her. But some of the HGs aren’t sure what to make of her.

11. Bruno. He seemed to rub a few people the wrong way and he doesn’t have a very welcoming persona about him.

12. Godfrey. This dude was just kind of there and didn’t leave much of an impression right away.

13.Willow. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even remember Willow from either of the first two episodes.

14. Graig. I think Graig is going to play hard too fast and it’s going to get him in trouble.

15. Johnny. Despite his super fan status, Johnny is already running into problems. He couldn’t get the vault open and had a mini-meltdown and he’s also very whiney. I think the others could wear thin with this guy fast.

16. Risha. Obviously, Risha lands at the bottom. Of course we learned from Arisa, that she could have a chance to re-enter the game. So let’s not totally count Risha out just yet.

How would you rank the Big Brother Canada 3 houseguests?