Big Brother Canada: Week 4 Double Eviction Coming Up

Tom on Big Brother Canada

You haven’t seen nothing yet if you thought the week so far was crazy on Big Brother. We’re still speeding toward a double eviction and the best part is the HGs have no idea it’s coming up this quickly.

Thursday’s first eviction shouldn’t be too hard to predict based on what we’re hearing in the house, but the second eviction could go in a lot of different directions considering we have no idea who will grab the first HoH of the night.

It’s surprising to see a double eviction this early in the season, but with so many HGs left in the Big Brother Canada house they need to do something to get this ball rolling faster.

If the Feeds are leaking again (last week they were much tighter on details) then we might get an idea of what to expect, otherwise we’ll be here live blogging the show.

Which HG would you like to see blindsided by a shocking eviction on Thursday night’s Big Brother?