Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Eviction Prediction – Week 9

Adel is happy, for now, on Big Brother Canada
Adel is happy, for now, on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Tonight on Big Brother Canada another HG will be evicted when just two lonely votes are cast. We’ve got the spoilers ahead on who should be worried and get all their packing done pronto.

After the Power of Veto Ceremony wrapped up our final nominations for the week were set with Adel and Sabrina. Considering Adel had been in on the “let’s keep Sabrina & vote out Heather” plan he should be a little more worried about what’s going to happen.

Heather and Neda control the only two votes tonight in the Big Brother house and they’re going to vote out Adel. “Hundo.”

Neither of the ladies are particularly worried about Sabrina beating them in a potentially physical competition, but even if Sabrina did win they figure she’d go after Jon first. It’s not terrible logic, but it is terrible for Adel and his fans.

Jon has been pushing to keep Adel over Sabrina, but he’s not getting anywhere with Neda. He should realize by now he’s been playing her game and she’s playing for herself.

It’ll be interesting to see who wins HoH tonight, but the real power this upcoming week is in the Power of Veto. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Are you sad to see Adel set to be evicted from Big Brother Canada? Who would you vote out? Sabrina or Adel?