Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Eviction Prediction – Week 8

Rachelle crying on Big Brother Canada
Rachelle crying on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Prepare to say goodbye to the uneventful and uninspiring tonight on Big Brother Canada. We’re set for another eviction and there’s little left to guess on what’s going to happen when the Sloppies enter the Diary Room to vote.

The two choices tonight will be Sabrina and Rachelle. The Gremlins are set to be split up on Big Brother Canada 2 and the Sloppies have a plan to make next week easier for them. Well, the Sloppies have one plan and Jeda has another when it comes to next week.

Rachelle is definitely going to be the HG voted out tonight on Big Brother Canada and everyone knows it inside and outside of the house. Despite Sabrina’s pleas earlier this week when Adel went on the offensive, the HGs are going to keep Sabrina around for a couple of reasons.

First up, for all the Sloppies they consider Sabrina to be an easier opponent in the physical comps. She hasn’t won anything but a trip to the nomination block courtesy of Canada and the viewers. Maybe that means she’s due for a win or maybe it just means Sabrina’s strength doesn’t lay in doing well at comps.

Secondly, Jeda know that as long as they keep Sabrina in the house she’ll continue to butt heads with Adel and that keeps two of their opponents occupied with each other. Of course that also means Heather has moved up on the target list for Jeda as they’ll be able to use this Adel vs Sabrina issue for as long as there is an Adel-Sabrina combo left in the game.

So say farewell to Rachelle. She was apparently a HouseGuest this season which may surprise anyone watching the Feeds or shows. Whatever expectations casting had for her I’m guessing she did not turn out to be the Elissa-clone they thought they were getting with their Yoga enthusiast. Is it too harsh to say her biggest contribution to the game came in the form of refilling the hot tub? I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all, but an entertaining HG she was not.