Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night On BBCAN4? 3/10/2016

Big Brother held another eviction on Thursday so it was time to find out who went home last night on BBCAN4 as Houseguests were faced with the choice between keeping Sharry or Loveita, as one had to pay the price of a failed eviction attempt last week.

Big Brother Canada 4 nominees Loveita & Sharry
Big Brother Canada 4 nominees Loveita & Sharry – Source: @ArisaCox

Yes, it was bad luck of the ladies to come out on the losing side of a vote shift and especially bad for Loveita to have so boldly informed Kelsey of her status as the top target. Jared had his chance this week to turn the tables and see what would happen next.

We’re all set for the eviction vote and the next Head of Household competition so settle in with us here as we live recap tonight’s Big Brother Canada show complete with results, but please no spoilers in the comments thanks to the pre-taped “live” eviction show earlier on Thursday.

Eviction Vote – Week 2:

  • Joel votes to evict: Sharry
  • Cassandra votes to evict: Sharry
  • Raul votes to evict: Sharry
  • Phil/Nick vote to evict: Sharry
  • Kelsey votes to evict: Sharry
  • Nikki votes to evict: Loveita
  • Mitch votes to evict: Sharry
  • Dallas votes to evict: Sharry
  • That’s enough votes. Sharry will be evicted.
  • Maddy votes to evict: Sharry
  • Tim votes to evict: Sharry
  • Christine votes to evict: Sharry
  • Ramsey votes to evict: Sharry

By a vote of 11-1, Sharry has been evicted.

Head of Household – Week 3: “Big Brother Breakaway”
Houseguests take turns trying to land their ball in the highest scoring position as they roll a ball across a giant board.

  • Cassandra scores 13
  • Raul is eliminated against Cassandra’s score
  • Ramsey is eliminated
  • Kelsey is eliminated
  • Tim beats Cassandra with 14
  • Maddy is eliminated
  • Joel beats Tim with 15
  • Nikki is eliminated
  • Nick/Phil beats Joel with 16
  • Dallas is eliminated
  • Christine is eliminated
  • Mitch is eliminated
  • Loveita beats Joel with 18 & wins HoH!

Hah! Loveita wins Head of Household as she goes from the penthouse to the doghouse and right back up to the penthouse. She’ll be naming nominees on Friday. Think she’ll return the favor to Jared and Kelsey?

The next Big Brother Canada episode airs at 7PM ET/PT on Sunday night and will feature the week’s nominations while Wednesday’s episode (9/8c) will cover the Veto competition and ceremony to get us ready for the next eviction show.