Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Tonight? 4/20/17

We’re set to find out who was voted off Big Brother Canada tonight as Sindy and Jackie face off to avoid becoming the second member of Jury as we enter the final month of Season 5.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

Only seven votes this week and that makes a narrow passage of safety for either of the ladies each hoping their side can pull through and keep them around. So who pulls the support they need? Jackie has become a frequent fixture of the Block while Sindy just did her allies a solid for setting Neda up for eviction. Keep the easy nom around or payback the favor of getting out a big target?

Sindy hadn’t given up this morning though as she was still pushing hard and Ika appeared to consider keeping her over Jackie. That swung back though so I’m not expecting any big surprises here tonight, but let’s see what happened while the Feeds were down.

Newbies are on a strong roll here with getting the Vets out and I’m expecting that trend to continue here tonight, but nothing is official until Arisa makes the announcement. Let’s see how the HGs vote in the DR.

Eviction Vote:

  • Demetres: VTE Sindy
  • Ika: VTE Sindy
  • Kevin: VTE Jackie
  • Karen: VTE Sindy
  • William: VTE Sindy
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Dre: VTE Sindy
  • Bruno: VTE Sindy

By a vote of 6-1, Sindy has been evicted from Big Brother.

Tonight’s evicted HG will join Neda in the Jury House before returning for the May 18th season finale of Big Brother Canada 5. Are you ready to pick the next winner? Baby steps. Let’s first find out who wins HoH for the next week.

If we get tonight’s HoH comp on the show then great. If we get the full run of the comp tonight then amazing. Or we may get nothing at all. Whatever happens we’ll be trailing the Feeds to find out who won HoH and will be calling the shots this week for the next eviction.

Head of Household Results:

There are 3 parts of the comp. First the HGs will have a “hike” and have to transfer 150 rocks. The first four there will move on to Round 2. Since Karen won the advantage she only has to move 75 rocks in round 1. Wow, that’s a big advantage!

The show ends just as the comp begins so we’re going to check the Feeds for the results…

Spoilers: Find out who won HoH tonight on BBCAN5.

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