Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Tonight? 4/6/17

Tonight’s vote won’t take long on Big Brother Canada as we wait to find out who was voted off BBCAN5. Just one vote tonight by Demetres to conclude “Backwards Week” and then we’re off and running to the next round.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

Gary and Dre were left on the Block after Neda decided not to change things up. Makes sense since both her targets were on the Block already. Gary is the hot target right now, but Demetres did promise him safety this week if he won HoH. Hmm.

We saw Demetres make that promise but then we also saw him tell Gary it wasn’t going to happen anymore. When they had their talk this morning on the Feeds Gary called Demetres on his “100%” promise but it looks like that has fallen through. This should be the end of Gary’s run on Big Brother Canada.

Eviction Vote:

  • Demetres: VTE Gary

Despite promises otherwise from Demetres, Gary has been evicted from Big Brother Canada 5. The majority continues their control over the game but can they keep it going in to next week? Time to find out with the next HoH comp.

Head of Household Spoilers:

Houseguests were given videos featuring evicted HGs to memorize and they’ve been studying them since yesterday. Who’s got the best memory? Time to see if the Vets take this one away from the Newbies.

  • Round 1: all correct
  • Round 2: Ika is eliminated
  • Round 3: all correct
  • Round 4: Neda is eliminated
  • Round 5: Kevin, Dre, & Karen are eliminated
  • Round 6 – Tiebreaker: William!

William wins in the tiebreaker! He was off by hundreds, but he was the closest without going over. Congrats to William.

Arisa Cox announces it’s time for a Double Eviction next week and that moves us closer to Jury and the end of Neda’s safety.

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  1. Guess I’m missing something because I don’t have the feeds for Canada but I think Ika is the one that yells and is mean to everyone.

    • Awe I like her. But like I said I don’t have feeds. I know she rolled her eyes but it was after Gary made that remark. Everyone voted her safety but I notice she’s getting a lot of hate now and I don’t know why.

      • Everything causes eye rolls and disgust from her. She’s in the best position in the whole game and acts as though every thing is such an affront to her existence. I liked her game S2, but this time I’d be happy for her to go.

      • She’s been getting rather personal and pointed in her remarks. Just a catty b*@!^ Never saw her season so I really wonder why anyone would have voted for her

        • I’m seeing a little now. She hurt Sindy. But I think she was joking. On her previous season I loved her. She should of won.

          • Also instead of talking to Sindy who was a ally, she talked to someone else saying she threw the challenge when to me it looked like the cold made he pass out and she fell and got hurt. I liked her on her season but cant wait til her immunity is gone.

          • Yeah, it definitely wasn’t nice what she did to Sindy ” with an S” haha but I don’t think she was trying to be mean. She’s close to her in the house.
            Plus Sindy was a super bitch and whatever season she played. I can’t remember LOL so maybe it’s a bit of karma!

    • I like her a lot in her previous season. I think Jon was a good influence. But now she’s acting as a bully teenager. The power got to her head. Sad because we saw a better person/player in her. I’m over her attitude now. I also feel like that about ika.

    • Wow that’s a surprise.
      In fact Neda was one of the nicest people in Season 2.
      Even becoming friends with Heather.
      The heck happened?!
      I still like her but what the heck?

  2. Just as a quick aside, did everybody heard what Survivor Sandra confess in some of her interview ?

  3. Wait Matt would that mean Neda would be eligible as a nominee since Double eviction is next week and Arissa stated that we were close to jury?

      • I honestly don’t know I just thought that once the person who gets evicted on Thursday before the Double eviction would make that person the 5 the evictee and the person who gets evicted during DE would be the first person in jury which would mean Neda’s safety will no longer be useful…But I’m not sure if I am correct so don’t listen to me 🙂

      • they have done 7 or 9 jury members in past seasons (7 in 1&2 and 9 in 3&4 i think) so i think you could be right coco. but i’m not sure

  4. I don’t wanna jump into conclusion nor will I commit any hate crimes or hate comments…

    But is it me or is Neda turning into Paulie? Think about it. Started out decent and had potential to be a big player but they get arrogant and petty and downright cruel….

    Just a thought. I like her still because I still put her as one of my favorite players, but…. yeah. Not a fan of her attitude

  5. Neda is a bully. I think, if Canada had seen this side of her in the beginning, we would not have kept her safe.

  6. I have heard some houseguests comment on how Neda acts like the queen of the house and is mean, & I have read some of the comments from you all. Is this your observation? Or is it what you hear on TV? Anyone watch the live feeds & know for a fact her safety has gone to her head?
    She played such a good game and her season and deserved to win! And she was super nice from what I recall. And although she has safety, she still has been playing a very good game. She didn’t just sit back because she is safe and not play the game! she still tries to win comps & has won quite a few competitions and is trying to set herself up for a good position once she doesn’t have safety. Although I think she will be quick to go when she is not safe any longer. She is a huge threat!
    But aside from all that, the live feeds, if she really being a bitch? Or is it just because Ika is clearly jealous?! And a few others? And also because people are annoyed she has safety plus annoyed because she is winning competitions or at the very least coming close to winning them?

  7. I believe Neda already had a huge strike against her because she has safety, plus she is an excellent player!
    So unless I am missing something (because I don’t watch that feeds,) my guess is she’s not that bad, she’s not walking around like she runs the house. She’s just playing the game and I am thinking a lot of people think she shouldn’t be really playing the game as hard as she is because she has safety and therefore judging her on that. Especially catty people like Ika!!
    I could totally be wrong!? And I honestly would like to know if she is being a biatch!? Yes what she did to Sindy was mean but Sindy is her friend and I don’t think she meant to hurt her feelings…..PLUS Sindy was the biggest bitch on her season! I think Neda thought Sindy was cool playing along with their game. We all have to remember that they are in their 24/7 with most of the time nothing to do! Anyway blah blah This second comment was meant to be shorter so people would read it (if they didn’t read the first one) LMAO so I think I will write a third one, supershort LMAO

  8. OK, I wrote one long message, so I wrote a second message meant to be shorter if no one read the longer message and the second message and it up being long LOL
    To sum it up, is Neda really being a bitch? Or is it being over dramatized? I don’t watch the live feeds so I have no idea.
    Of course another strong woman like Ika is going to feel as though Neda is walking around the house like she owns it but that’s just pure jealousy! Cattiness!
    If Ika had won security until Jury, can you imagine how she would be? Yikes!

    • Nah, she is acting like a bitch. I think she let her popularity get to her head and she trying to live up to the expectation.

      As I said to Matt, I think in season 2, it was Jon who was keeping her straight and level headed.

      • Late response but nonetheless, very true! I think you’re right. I mean of course you’re right, you were the man LOL
        But, I just didn’t see it on the episodes. On all the regular TV episodes Neda just appeared to be playing hard and setting herself up into a good position when she was no longer safe. Clearly she failed big time on that!
        Perhaps it would have been smarter for her to sit back, not play the game and just go with the house LOL

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