Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Tonight? 4/6/17

Tonight’s vote won’t take long on Big Brother Canada as we wait to find out who was voted off BBCAN5. Just one vote tonight by Demetres to conclude “Backwards Week” and then we’re off and running to the next round.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

Gary and Dre were left on the Block after Neda decided not to change things up. Makes sense since both her targets were on the Block already. Gary is the hot target right now, but Demetres did promise him safety this week if he won HoH. Hmm.

We saw Demetres make that promise but then we also saw him tell Gary it wasn’t going to happen anymore. When they had their talk this morning on the Feeds Gary called Demetres on his “100%” promise but it looks like that has fallen through. This should be the end of Gary’s run on Big Brother Canada.

Eviction Vote:

  • Demetres: VTE Gary

Despite promises otherwise from Demetres, Gary has been evicted from Big Brother Canada 5. The majority continues their control over the game but can they keep it going in to next week? Time to find out with the next HoH comp.

Head of Household Spoilers:

Houseguests were given videos featuring evicted HGs to memorize and they’ve been studying them since yesterday. Who’s got the best memory? Time to see if the Vets take this one away from the Newbies.

  • Round 1: all correct
  • Round 2: Ika is eliminated
  • Round 3: all correct
  • Round 4: Neda is eliminated
  • Round 5: Kevin, Dre, & Karen are eliminated
  • Round 6 – Tiebreaker: William!

William wins in the tiebreaker! He was off by hundreds, but he was the closest without going over. Congrats to William.

Arisa Cox announces it’s time for a Double Eviction next week and that moves us closer to Jury and the end of Neda’s safety.

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